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Comment Re:It's the console stupid! (Score 1) 277

Install an X server and run your konsole of choice.

You'd still need an xserver for raw clients like rxvt. But my idea would be that they can work on integration with the popular cross-platform toolkits such as Qt/GTK+ etc so that a dynamically linked Linux GUI binary would render using Win32 native widgets, without need for an X11/Wayland server. (A .so acting as a shim for a windows .dll)

Comment Re:No more Linux Clients (Score 2) 277

It's a value-add for those 'forced' to use Windows. Your options otherwise are maintain a Linux box (in a VM, dual booting or a dedicated machine) use ported applications which mightn't receive the love their Linux-native cousins do or use cygwin.

What Windows lacks is a decent package manager (and I've tried Chocolatey). So the alternative is that every major vendor, from Google to Mozilla to Adobe runs there own crapware background updater service. Synaptic and apt-get would be a huge improvement, so if they can make GTK+/Qt applications run seamlessly, I'd gladly use the Ubuntu versions.

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