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Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 1) 427

This. The only reason why I still have to deal with Java bs is because of Android. Let Google come up with a Swift like language, or hell just use Go/Dart or whatever you want for Android development, just stop using this bullcrap that causes lockups on the phone and massive memory consumption. Phones nowadays need to have 3GB of RAM to avoid those lockups comfortably.

Comment Re:Java? (Score 1) 427

Windows, Linux and Mac are different enough. Windows leans more on the 2 mouse button plus wheel, Linux you really get to use that third button a lot more for pasting, and Mac you can work with a one mouse button. So no, they are not the same by a long shot, and it is not only look and feel. There is a reason why brew exists for the mac or MinGW for Windows.

A good GUI is one that follows the OS provider human interface guidelines so that the user does not have to relearn how to use a scrollbar, text box, etc every time they want to use a new program. Unless you have a very specialized program like AutoCAD or 3dsmax, it makes no sense to build a custom GUI.

Comment Re:So what would you use? (Score 0) 427

I don't know what makes you think Java can compete with C++ or their cousins in the desktop space. No, it is not light and efficient, something like SublimeText is light and efficient and it was not coded with Java. I see the appeal, the language is awesome, and for backend stuff I agree with you, very powerful and well architected systems can come out of it, especially compared to the quick fix languages like Python, PHP and Ruby. But the thing is that Java does not stand a chance in the long run against modern languages like Swift, C# (or call it Java as it should have been done), Go, and even if hate to say it, Javascript.

Webspace you are better off with javascript nowadays, maybe something like Meteor could be the future there? who knows. And for Android devices, hate Apple as much as you want, but in all the iOS devices I have had, no matter how little RAM they could have, I have never seen what happens with my Android phones when the garbage collection kicks in. Sometimes a full 3-5 seconds lock up of the interface in the worst scenarios. Try to pull that off with something based in Objective-C and you will see my point.

Comment Re:Java? (Score 1) 427

Dude, user interfaces has got to be the weak point of Java by far. Pretty much everything everybody abhors from the language comes from using slow and heavy software like Limewire, Java IDEs, the dreaded applet loading and crashing or slowing down everything. It provided a somewhat ok video player when there was none for the web, but was quickly replaced with Flash because Java is and will always be a hassle for the desktop. Oh don't forget the constant Java update prompts. With C++ if you shipped an old version of MFC, that was it, wait for a next release if you want to use the updated one, but you really don't want to bother your users with your scaffolding.

Now, the thing is from a technical point of view, Java is beautiful, very correct, even if verbose and restrictive in some areas. So for web backend, Android (not like you really have another choice), and non real-time systems, do use it. But please people, stop using Java for user interfaces other than Android. I can imagine that something like IntelliJ would be twice as succesful or taken the crown out of Visual Studio a long time ago if it was done in C++ instead of Java. Look at something like SublimeText for things that are a speed demon, small and lean that will never be possible to achieve in Java IMHO.

Comment Re:What kind of pool boy did they have? (Score 1) 180

Because in Latin America, it is very common to hire somebody that seems to be totally qualified for something, and then it turns out they really did not know their stuff that well. I also think the Olympic Committee should have a way to make a country lose the right to host, if things are not ready like 2 months before or something. So that when a host is selected, a backup host with a country that has most of the stuff ready can be selected. That would be a way more effective way to pressure a host to get their act together.

As for the police with automatic rifles, well, when you have criminal gangs hanging around with handguns that have extended magazines (and behave like uzis), grenades and other stuff, it is better to be armed to the teeth. Besides, in any country when there is a threat to security, be it France, China, etc what you will see out there is heavily armed police or military. I saw troops in the Charles de Gaulle airport and other parts of Paris with FAMAS rifles everywhere.

Comment Re:Chemical feeders? (Score 1) 180

Or things like specialized machinery is so overpriced, hard to find parts, and expensive in Latin America that it is cheaper to pay somebody to do the job. The other part of the problem is that you will have a very hard time finding those seasoned professionals, even if you are willing to pay whatever they ask. Those "seasoned professionals" more often than not turn out to be not so professional after all. More likely you will have to hire somebody somewhat responsible and just train them.

The whole friends and family thing applies more to government, and the same deficiencies I see over here, I was able to see in the DMV offices in the US or places like the library of Congress, where internal infighting was very similar that what you would find at any public office here.

The only "cultural problem" I see is with people that think that their shit does not stink, or keep repeating phrases like "first world problems", as if they were Donald Trump or something. Just because you grew up in a fancy neighborhood/country does not give you the right to piss on everybody else like a spoiled teenager.

Comment Re: pop (Score 1) 674

Facebook is extremely high traffic and even them do not resort to C++. C++ sucks for string processing, which is what web development pretty much is, which is why Perl gained so much popularity in the early days of the cgi-bin

Sure, C++ is a way to solve the problem, but in the days of AWS, having to do something like that is a waste of money.

Comment Useless (Score 4, Insightful) 109

What a bunch of nonsense. The US has by far the most developed ecosystem for tech startups, the source of real innovation, not fossils like Cisco. That there is no "digital act" in place does not mean the US is falling behind anything. I gather that was targeted for the UK to catch nationalist non-sense, but those people tend to forget who is the country that created the internet in the first place, where Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are based and in general, where most of the new cool stuff keeps getting created, from Uber to Tesla. So good luck with that envy.

Comment Re:Just works? (Score 2) 484

For one, typing in the small screens is awful. Second, most of those models come with pretty bad touchscreens, both for display and for the touchscreen component (meaning non-capacitive). And the camera is mostly there to say that you have a camera, because those will take you back to the dark ages of digital cameras. So there are some trade-offs that are justified only when you see it in the money saving context.

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