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Comment Re:Something's fishy (Score 2) 195

You fail to understand Brexiter logic. By suggesting that it is not unquestionably and undeniably certain that the UK will be the best country in the world for leaving the EU you have outed yourself as a remainer. For them, saying "nobody can know what will happen" == "worst doom and gloom prediction".

Comment Re:You keep using that word (Score 1) 285

I'm sure it's a tactic that has been used in other fields although I can't name a specific example. You change a definition of something so it's not the same as the meaning anyone else would use and apply some convoluted logic so that the altered definition applies to your product\brand... actually it's probably politicians that do that.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 0, Troll) 196

It also dovetails nicely with the anti-Johnny Foreigner rhetoric that the Conservative Party love to engage in.

Having said that I think Uber are taking the wrong approach here. Simply donate lots of cash to the Conservative Party (cheap to do as Sterling plummets) making it clear what is required in turn and it will happen. Note that it doesn't really matter who is in government, just have to send the money to the correct place.

They could get some tips from Google, who got out of their tax bill for two superbowl tickets and travel costs from UK to attend it.

Comment Re:I reject the premise... (Score 2) 116

Shouldn't that be...

The intent of VR is not to emulate human interaction, but to artificially immerse people in environments to which most don't have ready access: flight simulation, museum tours, product design, etc. that are filled with adverts. The purpose of AR is to overlay more adverts on everyone's existing experience: navigation, shopping, and the like.

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