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Comment Re: Read Slashdot (Score 1) 479

Agreed... I've had the same experience. Usually (but not all) PhDs tend to infuriate us more practically minded individuals in the tech field. Way too about the theory, and no real experience in implementing working systems that get stuff done.

A colleague told me once that based on her experience, that once someone does a PhD, their brain changes, and they lose the ability to come back down to earth. I had very similar experiences in my career, making PhDs less likely to be relatable in the workforce.

Do a skills-based resume, and don't talk out of your ass.

Comment Suck it up (Score 4, Informative) 308

It's a sad thing. When someone who is well respected basically gave birth to a turd, and you need to clean it up, this is not ideal, but definitely the nature of the business... the business will become acutely aware of how crappy this app is in short order without your input.

Advice: keep your nose clean. Don't complain about this person's code, but explain how the condition of the code will cost your time and energy to fix the problems as you dial in new changes. When they question you on it, tactfully explain that design decisions in the app are not entirely flexible, and changes may cascade into other areas that need to be fixed.

Comment What could possibly go wrong? (Score 5, Insightful) 192

I view this as bad for a number of reasons:

1. Normally, when you have service, it's attached to the SIM, not the phone. With this new embedded SIM model, this goes away. Your service is attached to the phone. Bad.
2. Remotely programmable means that it will be even easier for hackers to fuck with your phone. Bad.
3. Your phone is really no longer your phone. The carrier will have ultimate jurisdiction over the phone, unless you pull the battery. Bad.
4. If I lose or seriously damage my phone, my SIM is gone, and I HAVE to buy a new phone and activate it again. Bad.

I won't want a phone like this if this is how the carriers want to do business. I'll keep my removable SIM card thank you very much.

Comment No media server support upsets me (Score 5, Interesting) 312

So I was excited to buy a PS4 until they announced no media server support. Same with XBone. I guess I'm just one of those guys who will stay with his PS3 for the forseeable future...

I know why they made that choice, but it doesn't service the customers who put their media library on a server instead of on disc.

Comment /. editors need their heads examined (Score 1) 505

The title on this article is TOTALLY misleading, as the source article said nothing about abandoning Windows Phone as a platform... just wrapping up mainstream support on their current mobile OS versions. /. editors are stooping to Fox News levels with this sort of bullshit. Sure this is /., but be accurate in your reporting, and don't start unfounded rumours based on BIAS.

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