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Comment Don't Worry (Score 3, Funny) 201

Even the high end stuff at Nordstroms today isn't made to the same spec as stuff was back then.

Don't worry, Nordstroms just got rid of a line of low-quality imported goods they used to sell with some blonde bimbo's name on it, so the quality is definitely improving.

Comment Citation Required (Score 4, Insightful) 201

Now we are trying protectionism. Consumer good are still relatively cheap but the jobs are gradually coming back. Salaries ticked up for the first time since 90s.

Citation Required. Even if it were true, it defies all economic sense that 4 weeks of protectionist policy changes (most of which haven't even been implemented yet) were the cause of a salary rise. Unless you're talking about CEOs giving themselves a raise in preparation for the plundering that's about to commence.

Comment store and forward? (Score 2) 75

Presumably, the alerts could use a "store and forward" mode, so if one person gets the alert in one town and then travels to the next town, it would start spreading again. Of course, the alert would have to have some sort of a time limit, otherwise it would keep spreading and re-spreading indefinitely.

Comment How is data "at the border"? (Score 5, Interesting) 651

How exactly is data sitting on a server in silicon valley "at the border" just because the person who created that data is at the border? By that logic, you can search their car, house, workplace and bank account without a warrant as long as they are standing at the border when you do it.

Comment President's can't make law (Score 1) 626

That seems like an inherent contradiction in terms. Unconstitutional, I can understand, or even calling it just plain wrong, but unlawful?

President's can't make law, that's the job of the legislative branch (congress) not the executive branch. That's why they're called Executive Orders rather than laws, and yes, they can be both unlawful AND unconstitutional (and just plain wrong).

Comment Trust and responsibility (Score 1) 336

Doctors are responsible for peoples' lives. If pay follows trust and responsibility, then doesn't it logically follow that they should make way more than CEOs? Then come fire, police, military (solders not generals). Then come the teachers we entrust with our children's education, farmers that grow our food, engineers and technicians that keep the country running, etc. Somewhere at the bottom of the trust and responsibility scale are the CEOs (after actors and athletes but before politicians).

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