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Comment Re:Seriously? It doesn't matter? (Score 1) 292

Prove it.

Read the fucking article, deluded fanboi. It stated that all phones were put through a full charge/discharge cycle prior to the test. If your phone has half the battery capacity of everything else but its specs are on a similar level its going to do really shit in battery tests no matter how much optimisation you do.

Comment Re:It doesn't matter (Score 3, Insightful) 147

Not many people have 4k sets, HDR isn't standardized, and by the time things get sorted out and these end up in peoples' homes, the next generation will be upon us and ready to fully exploit 4k.

4K TVs are outselling 1080p ones. HDR may not be standardised but from a console perspective once it has been it can be resolved by a simple firmware update.

Comment Cost in USA $600, cost in EU, $42. (Score 2) 327

Don't need to DIY them, just need to sort out the ridiculous situation in the USA. The Epipen I have here in the UK which comes from a company called Meda cost me £8.40 on prescription. Obviously the NHS don't pay that little but a quick cursory search shows that here and in France it costs $85 for two.

Comment Re:So no more soveriegn countries then ? (Score 2) 73

This is a complete disgrace. This is an Irish citizen. If he's committed a crime on Irish soil he should be tried in and Irish court under Irish law.

The idea that countries, mainly America, can now extradite people all over the world sticks two fingers up at the idea of sovereign states.

What's next ? An American being sent to face the death penalty because there's a video of them dropping some chewing gum on the streets of Singapore ?

Sorry but this is a basic tenet of international law and has been for many many years, that you cannot direct harm in one country from another and be immune from prosecution simply because you did it from elsewhere.

Comment Generation Snowflake. (Score 1) 729

Jesus Christ is this what Generation Y has degenerated into where putting 9 screws into something is some major problem? You lot are absolutely fucked if that is the case. Still it means that my wages will go up as you all run away from anything which presents even the slightest challenge.

Comment Had to check the date. (Score 1) 167

As a former subscriber to Sky I had to check the date because they implemented the Sky Broadband Shield as default in 2013. I remember upgrading to Fibre, getting my new router and upon first logging onto it being taken to the Sky Broadband Shield page at Sky with the default option being set to enable and me having to disable it.

Comment Its their own fault. (Score 1) 496

I've noticed this in my country, employers who once used to run apprenticeships and training schemes up until the late 1990s decided that they no longer needed to bother because they had access to a labour market from 26 other EU countries so they could find applicants already trained up. That's all well and good at first but the pool of people available for skilled jobs fully trained up with several years of experience who can just "drop into" a position are limited and without training people up the pool dries up.

My employer after 20 years has just restarted its apprenticeship scheme because its finally realised that the situation cannot exist forever.

Comment Re:The USA is Huge (Score 1) 136

Yes, and in the UK, outside of the urban/suburban areas the mobile and wired internet are both atrocious.

Yet here I am in a small town of 11,000 people living in a county that is 1.5 times the size of London with only 1/20th of its population and I get:
70mbps down and 19mbps up for my landline:
And for 3G speedtests in the same area I get 20.7mbit down, 11.97mbit up:

Comment Re:Population Density (Score 1) 136

No, you didn't. No carrier offers what you are describing at that price (and they didn't two years ago either when prices were even higher than now.)

Yeah actually he did. I did on Three. And prices have gone up over the last couple of years, not down. Now paying £20 a month SIM only for 600 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data with 30GB of tethering.

Comment Re:It's simple (Score 1) 371

There is a shortage of housing in the UK. Not enough homes are being built to cover the rising demands.

Actually there isn't a shortage of housing in the UK at all, merely a shortage of housing in areas of high demand. Overall there's enough property to house everyone. Where the shortage of housing is is in London and within commuting distance. Same story with unaffordable housing. Within 25 miles of where I live there are thousands of houses someone on a minimum wage job could buy for a 3.5x income multiplier mortgage with a deposit equivalent to the price of a cheap second hand car.

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