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Comment Re:Very common legal requirement (Score 1) 245

[quote]Faxes are considered legal documents. Emails are a very gray area. [/quote]


[quote]Physical signatures with point to point delivery and receipt verification are often required to close a legal business transaction. Emails don't provide that proof.[/quote]

E-mail most certainly CAN provide that proof.

Comment Re: No complaints (Score 1) 262

Hey, I've played several of the PSone RTS's both with and without the PSone mouse. I wouldn't exactly call the controller clumsy. While some actions were easier/quicker with the mouse, there were some actions that were easier/quicker with the controller.

And of course PC RTS's have evolved into the "you have to micromanage every tiny unit clicky clicky fests on adderall" subgenre rather than the "lasso a bunch" genre they originally were.

Comment Re:OR (Score 1) 262

Keyboard and mouse pretty much requires a desk.

Lappads or TV trays can help with using a keyboard and/or mouse in the living room with your console.

a handful of hardcore players will set up their console on a desk as if it was a PC and destroy even the best pad users. Letting the minority who have thier console in a "desktop" setup dominate the game is not good for buisness.

My console set up is desktop style, but that was because I played MMO's and used Linux. I had the PS2 Linux kit (and played EQOA and FFXI) and YDL on the PS3 (and DCUO and FreeRealms)

And since I have STO, Neverwinter, TESO, DCUO and War Thunder... I still use a desktop style setup for the PS4.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

The PS4 version of War Thunder has controller and keyboard+mouse support,

HOTAS support as well. Yes there are PS4 War Thunder Players with Warthogs. The PS4 version also supports using the PS4 camera for TrackIR style view control.

The War Thunder community is somewhat welcoming to the PS4 users...well except for the Europeans who tend more towards the PC partisan thing. Even the PC players admit the PS4 players adapted VERY quickly to ground combat and dive-bombing though not as quickly to dogfighting in furballs.

Comment Re: No complaints (Score 1) 262

Which is why the War Thunder users that didn't use the easy-mode mouse flying were VERY welcoming towards the PS4 players.

Though War Thunder supports ALL control schemes on ALL platforms (Windows, OSX, PS4, Linux) so anyone can use ANY control scheme. You've got PS4 users with HOTAS (you can also use the PS4 camera as a TrackIR style view control), Windows users using hybrid controller + mouse schemes for tanks, Linux users with mouse-flying, etc etc.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

FPS games are a driving force in the current gaming landscape, and console controllers are a decisively second-rate controller for the genre.

Depends on the game design really, the PC meta for FPS's tends towards the bunny-hop headshot paradigm which makes accurate aiming important. Now take a game like Splatoon where movement is emphasized, that works better with an analog stick.

Personal anecdotes:

I found Alien Resurrection and Quake II worked better on the PSone with the PSone mouse. In fact I (and most reviewers) consider the PSone mouse a necessity for Alien Resurrection.

I didn't feel the need for the mouse in SOCOM on the PS2, which is a slower paced realism focused game, but Timesplitters (faster paced) I wanted a mouse. Deus Ex and Half-Life on the PS2 support whatever input you want so I used hybrid style, move with the stick aim with the mouse. I also didn't feel the need for a mouse in the PS2 Star Wars Battlefront games

The Orange Box on the PS3 does NOT support alternate controls so no hybrid controls in HL2, TF2 or Portal, boooo! Dust514 did, though since Dust also has vehicles one basically had to switch control schemes since vehicles worked better with the controller.

Absolutely no reason why you couldn't sell LibreOffice through the Playstation storefront - except maybe some DRM-vs-GPL issues.

I actually have ran OO on a PS3 with YDL, though I preferred AbiWord for my word processing needs. I have ran AbiWord on a PS2 as well.

Heck since the PS4 is a BSD system, they could probably do it tomorrow if they wanted to. I've always wondered why SCEA didn't release some kind of Bank Street Writer/Wordpad/GeoWrite/GeoPaint style applications for the PS3/PS4.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

Console version of an RTS game.

I don't know why PC gamers think RTS are such a mouse-only game when the first RTS was a console game, Herzog Zwei. That's right, the genre that the so-called Masterrace goes on about originated on consoles.

That said, the RTS's on the PSOne have PSone mouse support. I'm surprised Blizzard ported Starcraft to the N64 and not the PSone which already HAD a small niche market for RTS games.

Comment Re:Tradition (Score 1) 312

I would start with a conventional shell scripting language. On a Windows box that would be batch files, on a Linux box, probably bash. Both have direct applications in addition to being functional for rudimentary understanding of programming.

I run Linux and I am NOT a programmer or dev of any sort, but even I have made up a few simple scripts here and there with the help of the Google to do various things.

I've played around with turtle graphics in Python too, but that's not as useful as even simple bash scripts can be.

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