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Comment Re:Whatever happened to at-will employment? (Score 1) 73

Don't worry Congress & the Cheeto'n Charge will fix that so they don't have to worry about paying UI for the deadbeats they're getting rid of.

If UI (and workforce services, and reemployment services) had actually done anything except help leeches avoid working, Trump would not have been elected anyway.

I see we have another well informed Republican.

Oh, sorry. I thought we were still going by the white working class not getting support idea. I forgot we were now on the "It's Russia's fault" narrative.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to at-will employment? (Score 4, Interesting) 73

Termination being acceptable by either party for any legal reason... why do these special snowflakes think they are better than the rest of us?

The practice is completely illegal in the United States because of labor laws. You can certainly get rid of people, but you can't transfer them to a subsidiary to do it, that's considered Unemployment Insurance fraud. Companies pay UI tax based on their history of employment and layoffs, and benefits are based on the amount of time people worked at the company. When you transfer people to another company before getting rid of them, it hides your real employment figures and that of the employees, fraudulently providing yourself a tax benefit.

I don't know what the system is like in Canada, but in the US they would be civilly AND criminally liable based on Federal law and state statutes.

Comment Re:like this is going to matter. (Score 4, Interesting) 113

Are you really that dense? This is just for show. The cops will keep on illegally using it to spy on people, without warrants. They don't have to use it in court, just to spy on people and help them set up the situation.

It's actually worse than that. It's a Trojan horse. Note the final paragraph: "It also aims to combat high-tech stalking by creating criminal penalties for secretly using an electronic device to track someone's movements." Yea, they claim a goal, but that won't be part of the bill, just a new criminal penalty they can use to bludgeon citizens with. I guarantee no law enforcement will ever be charged with that new "crime", but you'll see it pop up in all kinds of indictments of anyone else the feds want to go after. This would make it illegal to, for example, use FindMyiPhone to figure out where your stolen phone is. Illegal to track your kids using either their phone or your car's GPS. EVERY divorce will have lawyers using this to try to get indictments of spouses. If you try to prove your wife was cheating on you by showing how you followed their location, you've now confessed to a crime. I'm sure there are LOTS of scenarios I'm not thinking of right now, but you can be sure that prosecutors will come up with lots of novel ones.

Comment Re:So, does this super earth... (Score 3, Insightful) 38

The only way it's "like earth" is that it's a planet. It's way hotter than earth, much larger (thus the "super" adjective), closer to its star, etc. These astronomers really have an extremely wide brush they use when calling a planet "earth like". Oh, and guess what - the star it was orbiting is "sun-like". Sounds great! When can we go?

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 251

Melania is from Slovenia, you moron.

Slovenia was communist, and it was part of Yugoslavia when Melania was peddling her ass over there. While Yugoslavia was technically an "independent" state, it was really just a satellite of the USSR.

You could have done without the disgustingly derogatory remark about Melania's ass. Way to keep it classy. Also, USSR is NOT Russia, Yugoslavians are NOT Russians. They were VICTIMS of the failed socialist empire, and escaped as soon as they could. Claiming someone from Slovenia is Russian is like claiming everyone in Tibet is Chinese.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 3, Insightful) 62

As opposed to Huawei?

What's wrong with Huawei phones? I considered buying one when I was shopping for a phone last year. I ended up getting one from Alcatel, but the Huawei phones had really good reviews and all the features I was looking for, and made my short list. They were a very popular alternative to the big (and expensive) brands.

Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 2) 251

There is lots of blame to go around. Or are you seriously trying to claim that Russia had nothing to do with this election?

That's right, Russia had nothing to do with the election. Russia is the enemy of the US multinational corporations, that want control of the European energy market. Providing asylum to Snowden angered the entire military industrial complex and the intelligence community that had been fighting proxy wars with Russia for years. Most of the hot fights in the middle east are really about control of territory for pipelines. Russia wants that European market, and the US has been fighting to prevent them from getting control of it. Hillary's nod to supporting that battle came all throughout the campaign. There are elements in the US government itching for all-out war with Russia.

Most of those elements are still there, and they are working to undermine the Trump administration any way they can, just to get the Russia hate ramped back up. I think Trump believes there is a way to SHARE the European energy market. Not sure how that's going to work, because you give up a lot of profit if you can't have monopoly control over the supplies. We will see. But I, for one, and sick of the Neo-mccarthyism, and prefer to stay out of another cold war or war at all with Russia, if it can be avoided.

Comment Re:Bernie was an actual Socialist (Score 1) 251

The attack ads practically write themselves. All they had to do was point out that Chavez, in Venezuela, was an actual Socialist, and look how well Venezuela is doing, and Bernie will do for America what Chavez did for Venezuela. Repeat at high volume for 3 months. Heck, look at how well the attacks claiming Obama and Bill Clinton were Socialists worked, and they were nowhere near socialism.

Bernie, unlike Hillary, would've lost the popular vote too.

I don't know where you get this crap. If the DNC had not actively worked against Bernie and he had won the nomination, the entire Democratic apparatus would have put everything behind him. What swayed the election this time, as it very often does, is simply turnout. ALL the every-election voters would have come out and voted for their side (R/D), just like they did in this election. What matters is who had the enthusiasm of the voters in order to drive turnout. In this election, that went to Trump, but if Bernie had been on the democratic ticket, then at least the Dems would have had a candidate with enthusiastic voter base, and that would have turned out a LOT more people to vote for the Democrat. Claiming that Bernie would have lost the election against Trump has no credibility whatsoever. I knew all along that Trump was more likely to win, because his base was the more enthusiastic one. The size of the rallies told the tale.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 537

I think the cost should be inversely proportional to the stupidity of the degree, and the likelihood you'll come out of the course knowing less than you did before you started it. For example a course in mathematics or physics should be free. A course in feminist dance theory or gender studies should cost at least $500,000, possibly more.

That and there should be NO student loans allowed for those useless degrees. Most of those degrees are only good for jobs as college professors, except they hand out 100 times as many of those degrees as there are positions for college professors!

Comment Re:Let's talk about Trump now! (Score 2) 225

You don't vote for policies, do you?

If you ever made an effort to get involved with the legislature at the state level, you would be very surprised how easy it is to influence policy. Some state lawmakers saying getting just 1-3 letters about a bit of legislation can sway their vote on it. You should try it some time.

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