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Comment Re:Source? (Score 4, Informative) 251

Are you incapable of looking it up in the Bill? It's a matter of official public record.

As you have already been told it is in Schedule 4 of the Act (though technically it's still a Bill until it receives Royal Assent

Schedule 4 begins on page 219, though heaven knows why I'm being so helpful for a sweary AC

Comment Re:You get what you pay for (Score 1) 624

The Guardian 'one of the most extreme left news outlets in the UK'? Ha!

If that is true, it is only in comparison to the right-wing bias of most UK dailies than any objective measurement of the Guardian's left-wing bias. Most of the time its editorial line is to the right even of large parts of the Liberal party. It would probably be fair to say the The Guardian is mostly social democratic in its outlook, but to call it even socialist would be a misnomer, 'extreme left' even more so.

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