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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 84

Many of the batteries in the 2nd set were indeed just fine. it wasn't every phone that was defective. My 2nd Note 7 was, in so many ways, better than my first, felt faster, ran colder, no lock-ups. I mean, it ran ice cold, and I ran it hard. I had a tough time turning it in, and waited until December.

The first one though, that thing was just a ticking time bomb, it ran hot ALL the time.

Comment I've been quite impressed with the Gear fit 2 (Score 1) 232

You can set what alerts you and what doesn't, it is a great fitness tracker, GPS, etc... You can respond to text messages, or reject phone calls from your wrist. (Handy when cycling) The "find phone" feature helps me when I can't remember where I set my phone last. I only charge it when I'm in the shower, but the battery easily lasts a couple of days. It's water resistant, but me personally, I wouldn't take it in the ocean. It's lightweight, and small, but can still display a map of my rides. If you get the right face (there's even an LCARS face), it's quite pleasant to wear. I thought it would be a fad, but I'm sold now. I'm not a huge fitness nut, but still really enjoy wearing it.

Comment I'd have kept it if not for constant notifications (Score 1) 29

Downgrading to an S7 Edge ruined my world. (o.k. I'm being a little over-dramatic here but it did make me sad)
The note 7 screen was beautiful, and bright. Made iPhone users Jealous. It didn't scratch like my S7 (it's only 3 weeks old and has several scratches in the screen! It's in a case!)

The first one I had, I can confirm, they had a hot running phone, that battery was trash. The 2nd one was ice cold, ALL THE TIME, even fast charging, even fast charging streaming a movie over wifi, playing audio over bluetooth. My s7 Edge runs noticeably hotter. I'm not doing anything different. The battery lasted for what felt like an eternity on the note. I do hope they bring it back soon. I use my SD card extensively or I would have moved on to a Pixel, but the S7 was the next best phone for me. Maybe next time eh Samsung?

Comment I'm due for an upgrade... (Score 1) 558

CPU: Intel i7-920 unlocked / overclocked to 3.6
Cooler: Corsaire H20-all in one (think it's the H20 80 or 100?)

Motherboard: Asus P5T5 Workstation Revolution
Video card: Geforce GTX 670
Memory: 9GB Misc prize memory 2x2x2 + 1x1x1 in tripple channel
Storage(SSD/HDD): Twin OCZ Agility 3's 120GB in Raid 0 for a single 240
WD 2Tb storage drive
Optical drives: Cheap DVD-/+ RW,
Case: Antec 900 (the first one)
Display: SGI 3.2 Megapixel 4:3 CRT monitor.
Yeah, it's getting long in the tooth, but it's sooo pretty!
                        It's probably the next part to be upgraded

Comment Re:Not the Issue, Leaving the situation is! (Score 1) 164

It wasn't easy, and certainly not what I wanted to do. But I was watching my future crumble. Another issue I think that holds these people in the same community is family. Family didn't want me to go, but I couldn't stay. My dad could sense that it wasn't what I wanted... but it's what I had to do. Looking back, they were part of the problem.

Comment Re:Not the Issue, Leaving the situation is! (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I whole heartedly agree. I was in trouble w/ the law a little bit for "traffic" offenses. Every cop knew my car. Finally, after an overnighter, I was convinced I couldn't stay. I left it all. Moved away from town with few possessions.

Leaving my life behind, starting over, made a HUGE difference. Now, I'm quite the happy, productive member of society.

Comment I solved this problem 3 years ago with (Score 1) 127

Tasker and Secure settings.

Tasker keeps my phone unlocked IFF I'm at home, or in my car. Once my phone leaves those areas, it automatically locks, it's super easy to program, and super easy to use (since I don't have to do anything at all).

I also have tasker shut the phone down at 7% energy if I don't push a special notification button, this way if I need to make a call, I still have enough juice to power up, and get 20 min. of talk time.

Comment I'm not an EE, but are new electrodes good enough? (Score 1) 260

If you could get a mechanical inverter to work for a max of 100 hrs using new electrode technologies... you should be able to make it small enough.I'm talking spin switched.

In short, My question is, electrodes are getting extremely good maximizing conduction and minimizing wear, but are they good enough to make mechanical switching a possibility?

Say funnel a MAX of say 20 amps @ 12vDC to a spin a high efficiency brushless DC motor nice and fast. The DC motor would be attached to a plate that would have a Rotating I (maybe an X?) of High tech carbon nanotube ended graphene electrodes spining in a circle. Spinning at the right frequency, it should convert the DC to square AC. Round it out, and then a computerized Vmeter + tied back to an ESC could regulate the motor's speed keeping the phase locked good n tight, minimizing fluctuations.

I'm not an EE though, I feel like there's something wrong w/ this, that the loss might be too high, or maybe that kind of electrode technology isn't there yet?
Just curious..

Comment Re:Obligatory Car Analogy (Score 1) 310

While most of your points are legit, I think we need to start making a distinction, you apply the Rules in two different ways against the "model aircraft" please stop calling these things drones.

Is a quad, hex, or octo copter a helicopter? is a model helicopter a helicopter? back in the day unmanned aircraft were still fixed wing, it wasn't until controllers became inexpensive that the idea of quads started to come to light.

FAA is already trying to impose some pretty severe restrictions against modelers.

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