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Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 1) 1010

I seriously doubt the public will remember. I doubt most people even understand exactly what she did and why it's a serious crime. Not even Donald Trump seems to comprehend it or else he would be pummeling her with it day and night.

Our only hope is that these two burn each other to the ground in the general election. They both get incinerated by a random bolt of lightning and we have an empty chair as president for the next four years.

Comment Re:top security (Score 5, Insightful) 371

I have to say the way the news covers this seems a little odd. They phrase it as though this is a problem because I guess hackers could break into this and steal government secrets. It seems to me that the greater concern is that by hiding and then destroying government records it makes her that much more unaccountable to the people.

Comment Maybe I'm old (Score 1) 379

I just can't comprehend the idea of using the internet to satisfy my social needs to the point that some jackasses on Wikipedia could ruin my day. I've noticed that paradoxically there's something about conversations where getting punched in the face isn't a possibility that tends to make them very uncivilized.

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