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Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

The article was very specific about that:

the company said that the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km, and 190,000 litres of fuel had been saved

Though it basically contradicts that with:

it created an algorithm that eliminated left turns from drivers’ routes even if meant a longer journey

Interestingly, the quoted a Mythbusters experiment which confirmed the latter:

TV show Mythbusters tested the UPS theory by eliminating as many left turns from their route as possible. They found that an 8.3km journey became 30 percent longer (10.9km), but still consumed roughly 40 percent less fuel.

So, 2 conclusions:

1) you clearly did not RTFA.
2) the empyrical answer is "longer distance, less fuel".

And the OP's question remains - the why does the article claim distance was reduced as well?

Comment Re:Second that (Score 1) 477

You have obviously never seen a USENET flamewar from 35 years ago. I have seen no evidence that people are any ruder today.

Bullshit - and you know it. The worst of the flamewars from 30+ years ago are better than the AVERAGE post from our current President. And the worst of Twitter is an order of magnitude more horrible than anything seen even 5 years ago, let alone 35.

Comment Re:You can optimize, which you young ones are shit (Score 1) 236

First, 45MB library to parse XML is a stupid false (I really wanted to say "stupid fucking") argument. I personally hate XML but it's trivially easy to use at this point.
Second, who the fuck cares is it WAS 45MB (which it wasn't) on the server side if it solves a generic problem like parsing all XML.
Third, what's that "ASCII format"? You want to define your own format, then? And that's somehow more maintainable than XML?

And addendum - I don't think Sqlite is needed for most projects, but I have used it and if it is, it's a really small library that uses a tiny (and appropriate) amount of RAM and storage.

Comment Re:Simple solution to the H1B problem exists. (Score 1) 834

Except that there are companies who bring in low-salary H-1Bs and contract them out, and clearly the existing system is not doing enough to prevent it.

Do you have any recent examples of this (facts not anecdotes)? I'd be interested in seeing that, but I just won't believe it until then since that's not the reality in Silicon Valley right now.

The companies that pay $40K for an H-1B don't care about anyone else's need for talent

What's with this $40K number you keep using? The H-1B minimum salary is $60K and has been for decades. I assume you have not hired H-1B employees before? I have several working for me now. All are making > $150K, at roughly equivalent levels to their coworkers, though they transferred their H-1B from another company, it wasn't new. Clearly even that $60K number is low in today's market (the number was established in 1989, in fact, when it was fairly decent) - which is the whole point of raising it, something I totally agree with. Whether it will go to $130K as some have proposed is yet to be seen, but it will be raised significantly.

Comment Re:There was no problem (Score 1) 406

The problem was "our revenue is in danger of dropping and we need an entirely new device in the Apple ecosystem with over 100% profit margin". The solution was the Apple Watch. Boom, problem solved!

That said, I got my wife one and she totally loves it, uses it for fitness tracking (after returning 2 dead Fitbits) and as an accessory. It was an anniversary gift. Boom, problem solved!

Comment Re:Perspective. (Score 1) 406

It has the most satisfaction... I'd be interested to know how they know that, but again it's hardly surprising when it costs so much. High price items tend to polarise people, they either feel ripped off and bitter or convince themselves that they love it and the cost was justified. Plus it's as much jewellery as it is a gadget, so even if it's usability sucks it will function adequately as bling.

So... what about any of that doesn't mean people can be satisfied with it? Even better for Apple if the higher price influences their satisfaction. As you said, that's the foundation of the whole jewelry industry, and honestly any watch (smart or not) more than $100 is basically jewelry at this point.

Comment Re:About (Score 1) 834

Oh, don't get me wrong. Mike Rowe has fully drank the Libertarian populist Koolaid, I used to be a fan but he is no true fan of the working class.

And seriously - reread your post. Your biases are so obvious it's impressive. "Garbage man" (sic) is exactly what I'm talking about - how many of the Walmart or McDonald's employees do you see could do that work? Or much of the "Mike Rowe" work, for that matter?

Face it, some people aren't cut out for being a doctor or engineer, and some aren't cut out for lifting heavy weights into the back of a truck. Walmart - while having many things wrong with it - does employ a lot of immigrants, single parents, veterans, elderly, etc who may have hard time getting other jobs (and while their wages are still too low, they should get credit for raising their minimum wage in the last 2 years). My big problem with your statement is calling their jobs "training wheels".

And are you implying $34K is a fine career? That's way below the national average, and hovering at or below the poverty line in many areas. And really only $5K or so more than those "training wheel" Walmart jobs you were talking about...

Comment Re:Simple solution to the H1B problem exists. (Score 1) 834

Well, see my below comment for details, but please provide any evidence that H1-B Visa employees are getting substandard wages. I believe it was true 15 years ago, but it just plain is not today.

The 65,000 H1-Bs a year is a tiny dent in the open positions in Bay Area tech alone, and new college grads are making well over $100K to start these days. The fact is the artificially limited supply of talented foreign workers is so low vs the demand already that the market has corrected the problem. The new problem is that companies growth is now often resource (engineering, etc) limited, so they will pay what used to seem like exorbitant salaries to whoever can get the job done...

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