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Comment Re:Wastefulness (Score 1) 79

Did you actually read the poster's words before jumping in? Nowhere does Higaran even use the word "difficult" or moan at all; it's all mildly positive and comparative in fact.

I do think it is unkind to make the effort to post only to tell someone that they are a fool for something ... they didn't even say.

Go and read that Slashdot story I linked about aggressive/trollish posting. Of course you may be a deliberate troll and I'm feeding you, or you may be a sociopath and actually unable to recognise why your behaviour is unnecessary and unkind.

Or you may be a normal human being and coming across badly on this one occasion for some random reason.


Comment Re:Zero Page memory locations (Score 3, Insightful) 605

*Bzzzzt* thank you for playing!

I had various Z80 and 6502 based machines (eg MZ80K, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro). The BBC's OS was a thing of beauty!

And now all this time later I'm working with a microcontroller (ATMega328P) which for my purposes has much the same performance at ~1MIP (though on as little as microamps rather than an amp or so), but with nice hardware multiply and GPIO!



Comment Re:Looks like "cheap nuclear" is a bit more expens (Score 1) 307

And we have not even started to tackle the problem of dismantling non-melted down reactors and storing spend fuel.

I don't understand your claim "not even started".

What about (say) Dounreay and the work of the NDA?



Comment Re:Not this again (Score 1) 124

I don't think that that's entirely fair.

Sometimes, only through extensive use in a huge variety of use cases, does it become clear that the previously-thought-simple 'cache for a bit' needs rather more nuance...

Can this be cached only if public?

What if a different language was requested the second time?

What if different content encodings are acceptable to my next cache user?

Can I continue to show a slightly stale copy for a while rather than failing completely, and if so how long?

Can I see if the meaning of this page is unchanged and show it from cache, even if some unimportant aspects have changed (such as ads)?

These are all real cases, and I've sweated over the code and HTTP headers to get them right, and it can make a real difference to perceived response and actual resources consumed.



Comment Re:Massive failure from all involved (Score 1) 169

I'm the systems guy who loves to design that non-determinism in eg to avoid accidental deadly embraces, and to give bad actors a harder time, so thank you!

And yes, for embedded devices, I'd put sensor least-significant bits and jitter between different clock sources high on my list of genuine entropy sources, and I'll count radio (eg RSSI measurements) in the first category.



Comment Re:Melodrama (Score 1) 397

FWIW I think that companies (and clubs etc) are collective nouns and therefore singular.

* Microsoft is known for a rather off-hand attitude to security in the past.
* England is a football team that never quite makes it to the top.
* 10 Downing Street said yesterday through its spokesperson that ...
* A club/team/company does X

* The greenhorns that Microsoft used to hire had never been bitten by others' bad code so they didn't understand.
* England's players are quite decent.
* 10 Downing Street's spokespeople said "Where there's muck there's brass."
* A club's/team's/company's members/players/staff do things.



Comment Re:No. (Score 2) 240

and I target my primary code to 8-bit MCUs similar to a Z80A form 30Y ago in power, running some nice slim highly-optimised distributed coding.

You forgot to add 'up and down hills for 100 miles in the snow on a bicycle backwards while on your way to school.' :) It sounds like what you're working on is mostly text. While a Tablet, phone or laptop can certainly host a terminal window, typing speed is still much faster with a proper keyboard. imho.

I am actually from Yorkshire and resemble that remark! We fought over our holes in ground...

But again, my MBAir keyboard is one of the better ones I've used, and I do a lot of typing (including code and words for a living). Laptop ergonomics are not great, but in any case to come back to the original point of the fine article, that hardly has a very strong connection with the CPU type. Or am I misunderstanding you?

I do live my terminal windows and vi though!

Cut your suit to fit your cloth.

Very interesting quote.Following that comparison I wonder how much our smart phones clothe us today?

If the amount and quality of clothing were expressed in computing power then the first astronauts to land on the moon did so wearing loincloths. now there's a mental visual!

Very very scanty string thongs.

The first (Cray X?) supercompter replacements I looked after for an oil major ~20Y ago were ~30MHz CPU and ~256MB of memory (IBM and Sun *nix servers). My not-hugely-smartphone beats those parameters by at least an order of magnitude.



Comment Re:Bottleneck? (Score 1) 240

Quite a lot of what I paid attention to in banking work was that bottleneck, and it has been an issue since the earliest days of computing (my old prof would roll his eyes and talk about data stalls on the MU5...).

So one job of making stuff run well is to cut bloat and make more of it fit in cache, have fewer branches/misses in inner loops, and reduce data flows generally where possible.

Actually, I'm enjoying the ATMega328P with NO caches and a whole 2k of RAM! B^>



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