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Comment Re:Moores Law (Score 3, Informative) 116

Your assertion that Moore's Law is dead is akin to a similar assertion over 100 years ago that "everything that can be invented has been invented", and that the patent offices should be closed.

Go download Google's open source Tensorflow (an AI Machine Learning library), and try some real machine learning on real-time sensors and data streams. You'll quickly realize the highest end workstations can't keep up.

Now delve into a bit of devices physics. The easy gains in speed for silicon transistors have been made. There are still advances to be made, but different device physics that allow switching into the terahertz might just reset the clock on Moore's Law, which is just what's needed in all sorts of fields, such as AI.

Comment Re: Wow... (Score 1) 219

Tesla does not have a good record of repeat customers, either. People who buy a new car every year are not buying a second Tesla.

I call bullshit. While standing in line to reserve a model 3 in Denver, I was surrounded by Model S owners or extended family of an S owner, and a few Leaf owners. I saw a Roadster drive by, presumably looking for a parking space. From that experience, my wag is 10%, maybe 15%, were repeat customers.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 0, Flamebait) 238

aww, sour grapes much?

"...Bush signs bill which grants the Volt a $7,500 tax credit...The entire 10-year tax package for plug-in electric/hybrid vehicles is worth $1 billion. " Back in 2008 I believe...

GM lost the will, culture, and now the competency to innovate. Keep holding on to the past though. You'll look great driving around in your Chevy Dolt.

Comment Re:"Huge" isn't what I'd say (Score 2) 879

Personally, I think a Trump presidency would be "Huge" for SpaceX, as he'll likely stop the pork-barrel spending on the "Senate Launch System".

Elon, Jeff, Boeing, LockMart, and Aerojet Rocketdyne are perfectly capable of competing to produce the commercial capability that you so desire to flee the planet from the horrible terror of Trump.

Bruce, instead of fleeing this country because it might be led by someone you don't like, why not use that somewhat clever mind of yours, and your still somewhat relevant technical skillset, to host and teach foreign exchange students from less wealthy countries, like Honduras, Nicaragua, or Mexico? Send them home with newfound coding (and English) abilities. Give them an advantage in life by giving them something of yourself. I know you've got it in you.

But please, for the children's sake, teach them Python :)

Comment why not Pi ? (Score 2) 82

I get that people that live on their phones may be fond of their apps and the app store(s) and the environment they are used to, but please consider:

The Raspberry Pi 2 (under $40), running Raspbian, is a very usable Debian Linux based desktop environment, unencumbered by the limitations of Android.

'sudo apt-cache search ' will yield all sorts of interesting things worth investigating, and maybe even a few worth 'sudo apt-get install '

Android for anything other than a phone is rather pointless.

Comment So, one size fits all? (Score 4, Insightful) 352

Wow, sounds like "one size fits all" to me. What a dismal world.

Some kids do great with books and classroom materials. Others of us excelled with a rapid flurry of hands-on programming and lab exercises, with healthy doses of welding, machining, soldering, and troubleshooting.

This sounds like a dismal future for public school, and a bright opportunity for private & charter schools.

Comment Re:Really Big Deal (Score 2) 78

NASA doesn't control what SpaceX flies, unless NASA owns the cargo. SpaceX can re-fly whatever they want, as long as their customer (assuming there is one) is willing to accept the risk.

It would be very amusing if the recovered first stage were brought back to Texas and used to chase around and herd cattle.

With that said, I don't think SpaceX is here to amuse anyone. The graft and collusion between ULA and the USAF might have irritated SpaceX into being slightly more productively aggressive.

Comment How about a more realistic list (Score 2) 213

The only ones on the list that have any factual basis:

1. Major asteroid impact
2. Super volcano
3. Ecological catastrophe

The others in the list seem to be the result fanciful imaginations or anti-science fear mongering. So, I'd like to add two more item to the list:

4. Failure to understand history/philosophy/science (aversion to rational thought)
5. Poisoned minds, poisoned cultures

Comment Re:Mathematics is to universial to turn nationalis (Score 1) 187

Nations are never great. Societies and cultures that choose to be free - free to think, free to choose, free to express, free to travel and study anything - are what history has shown to be great.

Any country that allows it's people to be truly free will eventually be great, and will be remembered as great. Sometimes people forget who and why a group of people came to be known as great, but as we forget and repeat history, we will re-learn.

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