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Comment Re:Sans Auto (Score 1) 186

What I'm saying is that you're asking for something that already does not exist on the vast majority of production cars. There are very few, if any, production cars where the accelerator is actually mechanically linked to the fuel system, if you switch the computer off, you've switched the car off.

And it's even more true on any electric car, the motor control computer is absolutely critical to having a functional car.

Comment Re:Finally, news for nerds... (Score 1) 60

Amusingly enough, I was living in Arizona in the early to mid '90s. I spent most of my time indoors. I remember thinking at the time "This web thing will never catch on, Gopher is so much better." As a grad student, I only had an old Mac SE/30 on my office desk, and I was carrying a PowerBook 140, but I managed to put enough pressure on a professor to get new PowerMacs in the lab when they came out in '94.

Unlimited $20/month dialup was a thing here by the time I got out of school in '95, so I've now had some form of internet access continuously for nearly 30 years now. I was working for an ISP in the late '90s, so I had free ISDN by then, I think it was around '01 when I got DSL. The internet was already driving upgrades pretty hard by the late '90s here.

I don't really remember when it became unheard of that someone didn't own a computer here, I don't think I knew anyone who didn't well enough to know they didn't have one after about the mid '90s.

I've never even seen an Amstrad in person, only pictures. I've got a couple of fully functional Apple IIgs boxes and a //e, though. I think my C64 still works too, I'm just not sure which box it's in.

Comment Re:Finally, news for nerds... (Score 1) 60

Cars without air conditioning are still a thing, as it turns out. You can get the Dodge Dart, three models of Jeep, a Nissan pickup truck, a Camaro, and some models of Porsche with no AC.

Not that I would own one. I put a pretty high priority on not being too hot. I've never owned a car without AC, even back in the '80s it was uncommon for a car to not have it, and most cars I rode in even back in the '70s had it.

We're feeling the effects of the end of Moore's Law now. An early i7 is still moderately fast today, dropping a SSD into a computer makes far more difference in speed for most people than a faster processor.

But in the mid '90s, an 8088 was already absolute garbage. A 10 MHz 8088 compared to a 150 MHz PowerPC 604 wasn't even close. And yeah, some people still had 8 bit machines, some of us still do today. But they were antiques then too, not the daily driver.

Comment Re:Resistant To Change? (Score 1) 311

I throw the coins all in the coin sorter when I get home, then roll them up when a tube fills and take the tube to the bank, I keep a few of them in a coin holder in the car, which has separate spaces for each coin type. About the only thing I use them for is parking meters.

And no, I wouldn't really get a separate wallet for each different size of paper money, but it would be very, very annoying.

Comment Re:Resistant To Change? (Score 1) 311

Right. And I'll just go get a different size wallet for each denomination.

They've got numbers on them. Green and black works just fine for me.

Honestly, I wish we would go back to the old standard, where the President on a given note is in an oval in the center, and the numbers are in the corners. I HATE the new notes. The new hundred is awful, get rid of the color.

At least the one is still good.

I do think we need to ditch Andrew Jackson on the twenty, he was a shithead, the Trail of Tears is inexcusable. And once Obama is dead we can put him on the 50 and get rid of that shithead Grant too. But we need to keep Washington on the one and Lincoln on the five, and Alexander Hamilton really does deserve his place on the ten.

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