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Comment Re:I'll believe it... (Score 2) 280

When Newegg has listings for the new processors and motherboard. Although it might be too late for me since I retired my nine-year-old Vista-compatible AMD quad-core motherboard for a Windows 7-compatible AMD eight-core motherboard last year. I might let the platform mature before I spring for new hardware.

Based on the news articles, you should start seeing these on Newegg within a couple of weeks (March 2nd). Supposedly AMD primed the retail channel prior to the announcement.

Comment Re:California (Score 1) 142

I learned in school, 40 years ago, a continent is a big plate floating on the earth magma. That is actually a pretty strict definition. Plates are called "continental shelf", mere islands like Hawaii or Japan are not on a continental shelf.

No idea why the english/american wikipedia article disagrees, I guess because it is written by hobbyists?

The problem with this definition is that California would be on a different continent than the rest of the continental USA.
(The San Andreas fault separates the north american plate from the pacific plate)
So I suppose that's why everyday american-english wants to use different continent classifications than official scientific ?

And similarily. India is its own separate plate from the rest of eurasia. Also, traditionally europe and asia have been considered different continents, although they are on the same eurasian plate.

All in all, people have get used to some world view (list of continent), and it's hard to ask them to change as more details emerge and the scientific view shifts a bit.

(see: reptile and birds and mammals
in the common use : turtles and lizards are reptiles, the rest are not.
from an evolutionnary and classification point of view: if you include both turtles and lizards the thing you call "reptile" is such a big chunk of the tree, that birds and mammals appear actually inside of it as sub-branches)

So... Does this mean that we can make Pluto a planet again? I'm pretty sure that if you asked the majority of the public, their world view would be that it is.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 920

He may well be a troll. Entirely possible. But the videos I've thus far seen were not of a trollish cast, and the "Death to All Jews" one in particular is not remotely anti-semitic. If you genuinely believe it to be so, you may be from an actual intellectual, emotional or perceptual disorder of some sort.

It may not have been used or understood by the guys on the video to be a racist message (i.e. they may not have had a clue what they were doing) but I'm sure that PDP did. Whether he believed that they would do it or not is moot. He chose the toxic message to be displayed and, like it or not, it does show that he had a lack of understanding or maturity that he was crossing the line into racism. Does that make him a racist, not necessarily. People do stupid things sometimes and it's only after when they realize that the message wasn't what they intended.

This act alone was enough for him to lose his corporate sponsorship. In this day and age, no company wants to anger their customer base. The other videos, out of context or not, might have had some bearing. However, I'm pretty sure that the corporations would have done their due diligence and actually watched all of the videos brought to their attention before pulling their sponsorship.

There may be some validity in criticism in how the media is handling this but it's his actions that caused it in the first place...

Comment Re:They're onto something. (Score 1) 107

Very high bandwidth links to wireless access points makes more sense going forward as far as I'm concerned. Continual upgrades to cell and Wi-Fi networks and similar makes more sense than running a strand of fiber to every single home.

Sure, lets do that. And lets see how well it works during bad weather, for apartment buildings, etc. To a certain degree it's like switching from cable to Direct TV. Expect outages....

Comment Re:Mickey Maus (Score 2) 363

What could you ask a man/women do for $10 or a promise of $5 a day. What if you established a trust fund for their child that paid $5 a day for 40 years, could you convince someone to commit suicide on camera? What would it cost to make one of those people hurt or kill someone? If I offered them $5 a day, would they hurt a friend or so .....

So get off your high horse and use the gray lump between your ears to better understand what we have seen. If the Jews (my family) would have used the gray shit between their ears, they probably could have stopped the holocaust before it started. Instead they behaved all huffy and pissy like you. If you believe what he did wasn't a joke, fine. i agree. It was not a joke, but in the spirit which it was done, we learned something very important and if you're gonna be a SJW, then at least stop being a f-ing stupid one!

I think the point that most people are making is that he could have come up with a better way of proving his point. All he had to do was use a different and less insulting and less racist way of doing it. It's my understanding that he chose the meme and that is what he is being judged on.

Does he have a valid point that people are in situations where they will do just about anything for a dollar just to survive? Yes. But we know that this is a sad truth, it's nothing new. There are other ways to draw attention to these types of causes, including starting up a charity or asking for donations for an existing one. He had the followers and could have done a lot of good. Imagine if your children could learn how to get involved in helping others half way around the world...

Instead, he chose a toxic message as part of his "comedy" and it overrides any good point he was trying to make.

Comment Re:Those commercials annoyed me from day one (Score 3, Interesting) 36

That annoyed me, implying that the fastest wifi speed meant the fastest Internet speed. I hate deceptive advertising crap like that.

What's more annoying is that Verizon stopped their roll-out of FIOS in the North East after they got what they wanted, to encourage Comcast to come to the table and sell the Wireless spectrum that Verizon wanted. Once the deal was done, no more FIOS for you...

In fact, a Boston roll-out announced over the summer appears to be Verizon agreeing to a subsidized plan to expand FiOS to the home. However, investigations in to what exactly they are doing seem to indicate that the majority of the fiber being rolled out is specifically so that they can expand their wireless infrastructure. Their plan is to use 5G to connect homes instead of direct fiber to each house (less cost). The problem is that Wireless, as any WiFi expert can attest, sucks as far as reliability, interference from weather conditions and other sources, etc.


Comment Re: Vulkan (Score 1) 170

And when exactly has MS ever innovated?

Microsoft Surface Pro... You can argue that it's just another tablet computer but they finally got it right and it's one of the best Windows tablets you can buy.
Microsoft Mouse... Still a decent mouse
Microsoft Word, Exchange, Outlook, etc... Exchange and Outlook were innovative for their time and were a part of the shift towards the digital office.

I'm sure that there are more on the programming side, etc., but these are the ones that most would be familiar with.

Comment Re:More interested in the quality of the images (Score 1) 86

As impressive as those speeds are, I am much more impressed by a camera's image quality. What are the practical applications to these per-second speeds? Will they help eliminate blurring when I take a picture of my daughter, and she starts crawling away right when I take the picture? That would be useful.

Um, take a quick look at the size of the lens, that will tell you immediately what the limits are on image quality. Can you get good (or good-enough) photos out of a phone camera, in perfect conditions, yep... Can you get excellent photos in any number of challenging conditions? Nope... you need a real camera with a good quality lens for that.

Comment Re:Actually, it will be an improvement (Score 1) 245

The FBI notoriously takes years to act on FOIA requests. They are literally the worst agency at it.

Well, before they got overwhelmed by email requests, so it took them forever to catch up with all requests. Now they could easily stream line those requests with a bottle neck they created (with a couple lines of fax?). Great improvement I say. :p

Oh, and the fax is out of paper.... (grin)

Comment Re:Does someone get to play football? (Score 2) 126

I googled how much actual "play time" is involved in a NFL game.

It's 11 minutes.

I see the Superbowl as nothing but a bunch of advertising, some shitty attempts at "entertainment" at half time and an excuse to get a bunch of people together to eat a shitload of food.

It is a good time to do some traveling though as the freeways aren't crowded during the game.

And most video games can be played through in 30 minutes or less... what's your point? that you don't like Football (American Football)? Got it...

While there may be an average of 11 minutes of "play time", there is a lot going on beyond the actual physical play. Strategy, alignment, play calling, etc. takes up a bunch of time on field. For Football fans (American Football for our International friends) this is just as important as the actual physical play. Those who do not enjoy the game will see it as a waste of time.

I do agree that the Ads are over the top for the Superbowl, but that's how the NFL is so successful at generating money.

Comment Re:sad. wonder if they will keep reviews (Score 2) 168

The message boards were the only reason I visited their site. While its true that trolls and SJW (pro and con) topics abound, there were also plenty of good information about the films in question. It seems to me that the real reason why they are shutting them down is because they aren't interested in the administrative overhead (dealing with complaints, etc.) to maintain them. Perhaps they are making enough money from the corporate side and paid subscriptions that they feel that they no longer need page hits from average users.

Comment Re:Can't we just get PCs with Windows 7? (Score 1) 171

You also have to add a few third-party applications to fix the rest of the stuff that Microsoft broke, such as the Start menu.

I only had to do two things, install Start 10 ($5) and Spybot Anti-Beacon. There is free software out there to fix the Start menu but my personal preference was Start 10.

Also, I'm running Windows 10 Pro which allows me to defer updates until I am ready to install them. It cost a bit more than Home, but the added control is worth it.

Comment Re:This is Awesome (Score 1) 119

If you read the article and look at the video clips, you see the robot get a running start, get down into a crouch and then jump in the air just in time to clear a barrier.

In a real warehouse that would be a pretty useless capability, but it still seemed kind of cool.

The fun part for me was when the robot put it's "hands" down on the ground to steady itself after the jump. I was wondering how they would handle the landing on just wheels. Without it the robot would have done a "face plant".

Comment Re:You couldn't make enough (Score 1) 406

Totally absurd.

Apple has sold millions of watches. They don't release numbers, but estimates were 12 million in the first year. So there are like at least 20 million watches, probably. Apple sells like 50-80 million iPhones a year, so by that standard, they are a failure. And as you say, you probably know plenty of people with an iPhone, and only a few (or even none) with an Apple Watch.

The thing is, the Apple Watch NEVER had to match or even approach the iPhone in order to be a success. The iPhone is a such a success story it is a goddamned joke. The iPhone is close to half of Apple in most years, and this is for a company that nominally will sell you a server or monitor, actually will sell you a notebook, a laptop, a tablet, a goofy gameboy desktop, a variety of mice, the aforementioned watch, a bunch of almost entirely profit accessories (now with more dongles!), a music subscription service, and takes a cut off of everything they have a hand in selling, and not a small cut either.

The 8 bit Nintendo sold like 60 million units total. You probably knew someone with one of those, but for different reasons. There are entire companies with less units shipped than Apple Watch, and that will remain the case indefinitely. If your standard for success is "everyone in the civilized world will either own one of these or feel its absence day by day", then the Apple Watch is a failure. But if it is anything sane, it is not. It is clear that the Apple Watch, as a project, is quite profitable for Apple. Each Watch costs Apple much less to make than it sells for, and they sell millions.

No, you and your friends won't feel obligated to own and operate an Apple Watch. That doesn't make it a failure, any more than an Xbone or PS4 is a failure just because most people own neither.

I think that where the dichotomy lies is that most people conflate success with "popular". While the Apple watch may be a financial success and a success in a relatively limited market, it certainly isn't popular when compared to almost all other Apple products. As for the statement that Apple couldn't produce enough of them, we all know the games that manufacturers play just to be able to say that their product "sold out".

Yes, a niche product can be a success in it's own right. I see the Apple Watch as a niche product. I guess in that respect you could call it a success.

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