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Comment Re:In Trump America (Score 4, Interesting) 115

Matter of fact, back during the GWB administration, my local supermarket had a WU advertising poster offering a discount rate on money transfers to Nigeria. Now we don't have any unusual concentration of Nigerian immigrants here -- most of the money transfers go to Mexico -- so the only visible motivation for this offer was to cash in on the Nigerian scam.

And knowing the intelligence level of the target market, the poster added that WU would give the customer less than the going currency exchange rate and keep the difference.

The poster came down in 2008.

Comment Re:a space rock with an orbital distance from the (Score 3, Informative) 161

A common measure of the "size" of an orbit is the semimajor axis -- which is half the length of the ellipse. You can have an orbit with a semimajor axis intermediate between those of Earth and Venus that can intersect both of them at various times, if its eccentricity is big enough.

Every gravitational interaction between two bodies alters both their orbits, to a degree that depends on their relative masses and on how close the approach is. This one's orbit will almost certainly change significantly -- hell, even Earth's orbit will change, but by an amount too small to observe.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 2) 166

Isn't Wikipedia marvelous? Zero-visibility landing capability exists, but it costs a buttload to equip the airplane and airport. The prevailing standard for ILS approaches in most airplanes at most airports is "200 & 1/4" -- when the airplane is at 200 feet altitude and 1/4 mile from the touchdown point, the pilot has to see the runway or break off the approach.

Comment Re:In the past what casinos had solitaire tables? (Score 2) 50

It used to be a fairly popular table game in Vegas. You'd buy a deck for $52, and a dealer would hand you back $5 for each card you put on the upper stacks. You'd go through the undealt deck one card at a time, only one pass through, so it was pretty tough to beat.

It was largely eclipsed by other games, and I don't think I've seen it in fifty years.

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