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Comment Re:Aircars... (Score 1) 135

Moller still hasn't been able to put together a demonstration model

Why in the bloody 'ell would he want to do that? Working vehicles are for one market; fantasies are for another. He's built a fifty year career on this one, and never had to spend a nickel on anything but hype.

Moller knows exactly what he's doing.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

I got my CCW permit in Colorado in 2012, and didn't have to take ANY kind of test. All I had to do was sit through a presentation, at least half of which was an infomercial for a prepaid lawyer plan. The guy also kept reminding us "You have until November to buy all the guns you'll need for the rest of your life."

A range session was an extra-cost option.

Comment Re: The real issue (Score 1) 195

True. Fortunately, in my Aurora neighborhood we don't give two fucks about our HOA, we ignore its rules, and it hasn't sent out a dues bill for ten or fifteen years for lack of anybody to man's essentially dead. If anybody creates a legitimate public nuisance, a complaint to Code Enforcement is enough to deal with it.

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