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Comment Re:OPC (Score 5, Insightful) 480

... I hope you're kidding. Don't reinvent the wheel - if someone else has already written the code then there's no reason to re-write it. That's a huge waste of man hours. Instead you should package all dependencies in such a way that they can be retrieved without requiring the other guy to still be offering it. Yes, that means a snapshot of the version you rely of should be in your repository because you also can't guarantee that a given version will be available as long as your own project is.

Comment Re:What else is new? (Score 1) 618

I think I agree that we need a breakthrough. Grid scale storage would unleash renewables to the point where we could start to phase out the base-load plants. Barring that we're going to need Fusion or something completely outside current physics if we're going to stay out of a Dark Age sometime in the next few hundred years.

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