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Comment Re:The Color of God (Score 1) 720

See: Tetrochromia. There are people (women only) with four cones, not three, in their eyes. Some very rare examples of five different cones. The fourth (and fifth) cone is not necessarily identical in properties and frequency band among those (women) that have it. So your "hypothetical" is already proven and current knowledge.

Comment Re:Could be easily solved by allowing ios downgrad (Score 1) 344

Then stop trying to do so.

I don't know what "open source" means? "I haven't done much programming"? As for most of your insults they are more likely to apply to you than me.

You demonstrate clear lapses in understanding the matter. There is a difference between apps and and an operating system. I claimed that if you had source for an IOS app you could read the source and build the app. That is an open source app. By definition. IOS is not open source and OSX is not open source, but openDarwin is open source and Apple contributes its changes to it. Not that that is relevant.

As a sidenote I personally think (i.e.. opinion, limited value only) that people who use download binaries are not really using open source because they do not know for sure that the binaries they are using match the source.

Given that unless you wrote and built your own compiler by hand, in machine code not using YACC or some such, you are still dependant on someone else's binary (http://scienceblogs.com/goodmath/2007/04/15/strange-loops-dennis-ritchie-a/) you are whistling dixie to say an app is not open source only because of the development system you use. Try thinking not just believing what you are told. "Religious" points of view are invariably invalid.

No, we have not been talking about who owns the device. I own my iPhone. Apple has access to root on my iPhone and it comes pre-pwned by Apple and my Telco (at a minimum). That is really not any different from any Googlebox. Either can be "rooted" by the user (at a cost and a risk to security), both are "rooted" by the OS creator and the Telco (at a minimum). I happen (at this point in time) trust Apple more than Google. Your mileage may vary.

I will not be responding further to this thread. You simple do not appear to have anything to contribute and I am fed up with your insults and apparent silliness. Nevertheless, I wish you well in the future.

Comment Re:Android Studio for OS X (Score 1) 344

Yes, the user land is or was pretty much the same for *BSD, openDarwin and OSX. Otherwise I would not have budged.

"Thems the breaks" and "sucks to be you" are both insults and not technical comments. i.e. Of zero or negative value. People using them (and I may have been guilty on occasion) are playing negative sum games. Worthwhile people do not play such games. Worthwhile people try to play positive sum games that result in a gain all around.

But personally I do have some "religious" opinions. I won't touch Microsoft. There is a history. I plain do not trust them. If they ever do do something right I would be likely to ignore it. I prefer the BSDs to Linux. I like the ideas behind microkernels.

But most of all I wish people would take a better look at Plan9 and bring it to a commercial useable stage. That is one place where "good" or "good enough" (UNIX) drove out the "better".

So I do have some "religious" viewpoints but they are my opinions not facts and therefore of no great value.

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