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Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 142

Watched enough Mayday to know that traces of explosive doesn't ultimately mean much. Other sea crashes have had similar issues as there is sometimes explosive residue in the water that contaminates the crash. If they didn't find any other signs of an explosion that's probably why they aren't putting much stock in the residue.

Comment Re:It might be something but it isn't anti-trust? (Score 1) 121

It can be if you are the only market through which to sell. In this case it gets complicated, Apple sorta is, and isn't at the same time. There are obviously Android phones with their own markets, so in that way they aren't the only seller. However, within their product they are the only seller. This will be interesting as it may well impact the like of the consoles for instance as they use the same model. MS, Sony and Nintendo all have similar walled gardens to sell to their base. Apple may even be in a bit more trouble as they have a clear history of blocking competing software, whereas most the other instances of this walled garden stuff don't do that. I suspect in the end it won't go anywhere, but should be interesting nonetheless.

Comment Re:No shit, and good riddance (Score 1) 207

Yeah. As a bit of a writer, the different standards of various web sites is a real pain, so you end up cutting back and back and back to the very basics to avoid any issues when transferring. Curly quotes actually were one of the better ones as at least most sites had the ability to translate them to straight. But then you get other things: can they understand symbols like % and which ones. Do they do proper bolding and such. Do they understand line breaks. Oh, and my true favorite, which is still a major piss off, do they understand tab or do implied tabs, or neither. Google docs for instance REALLY annoys me with that one. Half the time does tab, half the time implied tab. ARGH!

Comment Re:I would consider buying a PS4... (Score 1) 82

And how exactly would they do that? PC's don't generally have 1 set of full graphics card memory. Nor do they generally run the OS of a Playstation Station 4. Now, if you mean Playstation Now, the streaming service, sure, if you want to stream your games, I suppose that could happen, although you'll be paying monthly fees plus game fees for an inferior experience, but whatever. Even Xbox One, which is far closer to PC still requires different code running on both platforms.

Comment So, how does this work exactly? (Score 3, Insightful) 321

Seriously? Trying to say X is a good portrayal of anything seems like a completely subjective thing to me and further practical impossible on any single element. Any portrayal can potentially be bad if it is overused, while at the same time any portrayal can potentially be fine so long as it is used in appropriate balance, but you can't determine either of things looking at an individual production. Likewise the standard for what exactly is a good or bad thing are basically totally subjective, especially in fiction. A complete cold bloodied murderer can be an excellent character, while a total altruist and general humanitarian can be a terrible character.

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