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Comment Re:MozColonSlashSlashA is at it again! (Score 2) 65

I mean, why not chastize Google for all the non-search engine stuff they do

People do, routinely.

or Apple for diversifying into cellphones?

Because iPhones have made 100s of billions of dollars for Apple whereas Mozilla's products outside of Firefox have all been abject failures and have been canceled one after the other?

Comment Re:The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 2) 119

By making it less likely that an ISP will be (frivolously) sued for violating the nebulously unclear standard to take "reasonable" measure measures, Trump's government lowers the cost of the legal insurance, which lowers the total cost of doing business. And that's a good thing for both producers and the customers alike.

How is it good for customers? Their bills will continue to be same or go up and they'll shoulder all the burden to clean up the identity theft issue after the data breach.

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