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Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 406

What? You're literally reconfirming what the parent said.

Poor people, when they win the lottery, spend it all, and end up broke within a year or two.
Rich people, when they win the lottery, don't change much (if anything) about their lifestyle. They most likely just reinvest all the winnings.

Comment Re:Pizza is indeed a pie (Score 4, Informative) 414


In Austraila, New Zealand, and many other countries we have savory pries. I grew up on savory pies.

But Pizza's ARE NOT PIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are not fully enclosed in Pastry. The closest thing that comes to that is a Calzone. An ordinary pizza is absolutely NOT a pie. You east coasters are just retarded.

Comment lolwut (Score 1) 729


You can just buy ready made gaming pc's off the shelf. You don't have to build done yourself. That's what enthusiasts do! Like car enthusiasts who tinker under the hood all the time, and get aftermarket mods installed. That's what pc gamers do.

End consumers can just buy a ready made pc, install steam and off they go...

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