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Comment Re:Amazon is protecting a muderer? * (Score 1) 114

A pure hypothetical here, but suppose you were falsely accused of the murder, wouldn't you be glad Amazon is trying to protect your privacy? Especially if you had said other things in jest which could be construed as evidence of guilt?

It's easy for us to armchair speculate. That's why I hope I never have to be on a jury that makes such decisions. But I would if I were called and selected.

Once upon a time, not that long ago actually, I had faith in the justice system, and law enforcement. No more. Watching the antics of all branches of government right down to local law enforcement has eroded my trust.

Comment Re:Practical? (Score 1) 139

SHA-1 collisions don't have to be practical. Just possible. It may take a huge amount of compute power and electrical power. But in principle is simple.

Accelerate SHA-1 hashes to nearly the speed of light and then collide them. Capture all of the bits that come flying out to understand what is inside.

Comment Re:Donald Trump? (Score 1) 194

Your comment might sound toxic to some people. Your first few sentences can easily be read that people on the left are pro censorship and anti free speech. If you actually believe that, then no point reading any further.

There is nothing wrong with intelligent people having a civil discussion about public policy, even if they have disagreeing views.

It is the name calling and suggestions that MY SIDE is 100% Correct and on the side of the angels, and YOUR SIDE is 100 % Wrong and on the side of the Devil that forms the toxic comments. (Regardless of what side you take.) And there are plenty of people on both sides who engage in this and other bad behaviors. It is bad to be blind to the bad things done by people on my side, and blind to the reasonable views of people on the other side.

Censoring views is not good. But censoring trolls is not what I would regard as censorship. Trolls will destroy any forum. I will assume you are right leaning, and try to construct a hypothetical example. At a gathering of right leaning people, imagine a bunch of trolls who infiltrate the event with the purpose of disrupting it. If the security people of the event try to throw the trolls out, someone shots CENSORSHIP!

Now that event may not be the right place to have a debate. But neither are all online forums. Getting rid of disrupting trolls is a good thing so that reasonable people can converse.

Of course, the US seems to be deeply and bitterly divided right now. So maybe nothing can help.

Comment Solves the WRONG problem (Score 4, Funny) 194

This solves entirely the WRONG problem.

What is needed is an AI that deletes all first posts. Think about how wonderful that would be. It would work, methodically, persistently and tirelessly no matter how many times a first post is submitted. No matter who submits it. No matter how many people try to get the first post.

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Insightful) 109

So we could already be in the start of our own extinction level event and not realize it?

If you were trying to observe a black hole, trying to keep a safe distance, how would you know whether you had crossed the event horizon? It's not like there is a sign posted at the boundary.

In a stack of dominoes falling, if the first three dominoes had fallen, wouldn't there still, at that moment, be a lot of dominoes left standing. Couldn't one argue that there really isn't any danger and it's all overblown that all the dominoes will fall.

Oh, and I agree. I'm old enough to believe that it is highly likely that if there are humans left in 200 years, they will be vastly fewer in number and living in primitive conditions. Technology is extremely brittle. We fool ourselves to think it is not. If the power grid were down for two weeks, society would devolve into barbarian survival fighting. Cars out of fuel. No more fuel deliveries. No power to pump the fuel to even refuel the trucks or run refineries. Grocery stores stripped bare within one week. I don't mean to be a pessimist. Just a realist. The glass isn't half empty. (Nor half full.) The glass is simply too large -- or rather, it is what it is. Too large a population wanting too much energy, generating too much pollution for the balloon to keep inflating forever. It is now beyond obvious that individual greed will prevent humans from doing anything about this because it is not profitable to a few individuals. Human nature. People have difficulty accepting that things could get worse. Much worse. But bad things have happened in the past. The middle ages. The holocaust. And bad things can happen again. And on a much larger and irreversible scale. Wishful thinking all you want to. That doesn't make it so.

Comment Re:NEVER (Score 4, Funny) 109

Not a Dyson sphere.

It's a Donaldson sphere. A mega structure constructed around the Earth. To keep aliens out. And terrorists. And think of the children. We'll make the aliens pay for it.

Left wing global elitists will complain that it will also keep sunlight from ever reaching the earth. But they can be safely dismissed as fake news. Alarmists just like all the chicken little scientists claiming "the sky is warming! the sky is warming!". These are mere scientists. You can't believe what they say. If the Donaldson sphere makes the earth completely dark, we can just burn more fossil fuel and "clean" coal forever and ever! Both are in unlimited supply and easy to find and have no consequences if we burn them. Plus those silly people who thought solar power was the answer will be laughed at. What are they going to do with their solar farms and batteries when our Dear Leader prevents sunlight from reaching the earth?

Comment Re:Google? (Score 1) 58

Translation: Google does not want to be accused by the RIAA / MPAA of supporting piracy. This allows the usefulness of globally sharing files, but the extremely plausible deniability of creating a piracy tool.

As all good people know, any technology that allows files to be transferred over the internet can enable piracy and thus is evil. Any company that makes a technology which ends up being used for piracy must be shut down for the good of the global economy. Or terrorism. Or think of the children. (See: Grokster. Also see the attacks and rhetoric about bit torrent technology.)

If the project is only easy for nerds to set up, and most people won't use it, this is a blessing in disguise! It would be like Usenet before the great poisoning of AOL. Or like the Web before the great unwashed hoardes, and f***ing advertisers. But like most things, some moron will come along and spoil it all by making it easy for Windows users and RIAA users. Just an opinion.

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