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Comment Money drives innovation (Score 4, Insightful) 78

Let's see...users are willing to fork out a few hundred dollars every few years for the latest tech trinket, yet they want all their software for free. They balk at even a modest charge of $10 or $20 for something really useful. Gee...I wonder why bugs go years without anyone looking at them or features remain on the backlog for decades? If we want innovation in software, we have to be willing to pay something for it.

Comment Just say no. (Score 5, Insightful) 105

The last thing I want (well, one of the last things I want), is for Google or anyone else to have one bit of information about me than they absolutely must have. This is why I give fake names, addresses, and phone numbers to 95% of the online 'accounts' that I have. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to 'opt out' of sharing information. The defaults of almost every application is to grab everything and beam it home to the mother ship. Even when you tell it NO, many will keep bugging you until you say yes. Every 'upgrade' will reset the defaults and if you are not paying attention, you are screwed.

Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 3, Insightful) 348

...and by "ripped it apart" you really mean Congress "failed to throw boatloads of more taxpayer cash at it to keep it afloat". It did pass without a SINGLE Republican vote so there was no need to concede anything to them. Obamacare is exactly what Democrats wanted and they own it entirely. Some wanted even an more radical version (e.g. Single Payer), but they could get enough support from their own side to go an inch further.

Comment Waste their time (Score 1) 212

Every time some scammer calls you. Pretend you need to answer the door or something. Ask them to hold on and you will be right back. Put the phone down and leave it for 10 minutes while you watch tv. If you are not doing anything, play with them by pretending to be hard of hearing and ask them to repeat everything 3 times. Play dumb so they have to explain everything in minute detail. WASTE THEIR TIME. If they lost money on every call, they would stop doing it. Better yet, we need someone to write a program to route their incoming scam call back to their own call center so that you are wasting the time for two of them at once until they figure out they are just talking to the guy down the hall.

Comment What is the answer? (Score 1) 294

I understand how some people hate software patents because of the trouble patent trolls cause by dragging everyone to court. But how do you protect the little guy who spends a lot of time and effort to build something novel only to have some big company like Microsoft or Apple steal the idea and put them out of business the minute they start to get some traction in the market? It is amazing how something becomes 'obvious' after someone builds it for the first time; yet no one did for decades after it was possible to do so. Someone can pour their life savings and years of work into getting a small startup off the ground. It is a huge risk so why would anyone do it if it can be stolen away? If you don't protect the rewards for innovation, why would you be surprised if innovation slows or stops completely?

Comment Re:They'll just raise the rates for everyone else (Score 0, Flamebait) 250

Yet people like Bernie Sanders still thinks that if we just jacked up tax rates to 80 or 90% that the government coffers would just magically be filled to the brim since everyone would still behave the same as before the tax hike.

Comment Re:"Lose?" (Score 2) 250

My thoughts exactly. I have to laugh whenever someone quotes how much the government 'lost' when taxes are reduced. They try to make it sound like you stole something from Uncle Sam just because you were able to take a new deduction or invested in a municipal bond.

Comment Competence (Score 1) 459

It appears that they didn't have competent people working the IT for this private server project. Otherwise, they would know what they are doing and would have done a much better job of securing the server (both physically and electronically). They wouldn't be asking simple questions on Reddit. It sounds like when they were looking for people to do the job, competence was not the most important factor. It sounds like willingness to cover-up, lie, and stand by Hillary at all costs (including falling on their own sword) was the only requirement. Maybe they couldn't find anyone competent who was willing to do that.

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