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Comment Several decades of work disproved (Score 1) 171

If you spend several decades of your life simply trying to compute the amount of lithium in another galaxy, I am sorry for you, but to have all of that useless work proven wrong just makes me laugh a little. I am very interested to know what, if anything, this would have proved. Pretty sure this calculation isn't going to convert muslims to science and frankly it seems the only practical application.

All sarcasm aside, does anyone know what the hypothesis was designed to support or prove in the grander scheme?


Submission + -, shut down ! (

mvictoras writes: The biggest music private tracker shut down! reports, 'British and Dutch police today shut down the world's biggest source of illegal pre-release chart albums and arrested a 24-year old man in an operation coordinated between Middlesbrough and Amsterdam. The raids, which were coordinated by Interpol, follow a two-year investigation by the international and UK music industry bodies IFPI and BPI into the members-only online pirate pre-release club known as OiNK. OiNK specialised in distributing albums leaked on to the internet, often weeks ahead of their official release date. More than 60 major album releases have been leaked on OiNK so far this year, making it the primary source worldwide for illegal pre-release music. The site, with an estimated membership of 180,000, has been used by many hardcore file-sharers to violate the rights of artists and producers by obtaining copyrighted recordings and making them available on the internet. It is alleged that the site was operated by a 24-year-old man in the Middlesbrough area, who was arrested today. The site's servers, based in Amsterdam, were seized in a series of raids last week. OiNK's operator allegedly made money by setting up a donations account on the site facilitated by PayPal. Cleveland Police and the FIOD-ECD SCHIPOL branch of the Dutch police undertook the raids, supported by Interpol, as part of a carefully-planned international investigation with anti-piracy investigators from IFPI and BPI.'

Submission + - Real Estate Investing Tips, Resource Reviews

Duncan Wierman writes: "Welcome to Smart Investing! Work Less — Make More Money! Edit You have come to the right place to learn all about "smarter" marketing! I love the saying, "The less I do the more I make". This website will teach you how to use automated systems to run your investing machine. When you combine systems with new cutting edge marketing techniques, you are going to dominate your market! It's all about working smarter, not harder! Most people have jobs, family, and other activities that keep them from spending the time needed to pursue their real estate investment dreams. I know because that person used to be me. I finally figured out the secrets. I applied new technologies and systems that completely changed the way business is done. No other "guru" can teach you what I can. With my help, you will only need 2 — 4 hours a week for 6 months before you too will become a full time investor. If you are committed and sincere in achieving your goals and dreams, subscribe to my newsletter (easy sign up form is to the right), for all the latest tips, tricks, news, reviews, and more! Every month I develop more cutting-edge marketing techniques and am eager to share them with you!"

Submission + - Harvard Study: Nicotine Is Increasing

freshmoon7 writes: Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say they have confirmed a study by the state that found nicotine levels in cigarettes increased from 1997 until 2005 The analysis, based on data submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health by cigarette manufacturers, found that increases in smoke nicotine yield per cigarette averaged 1.6 percent each year, for a total of about 11 percent over a seven-year period

Submission + - PC Mag's Top 20 Wired Colleges

Dean Hougen writes: "Everyone loves rankings, right? Well, PC Magazine and The Princeton Review have surveyed US colleges and universities to find the "most connected, plugged-in, and high-tech campuses in the country" and present their "Top 20 Wired Colleges in a new article."

Of course, everyone loves rankings even more when they are ranked highly. So, in the interest of full disclosure, let me point out that the University of Oklahoma, my professional home, came in at number 10 and the University of Minnesota, my graduate alma mater, came in at number 12, beating out schools like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, CalTech, and many others."
The Internet

Submission + - UK ISP devotes profits to foster OSS development

Dolores Parker writes: "In 2003, Jason Clifford started an Internet service provider (ISP) in Hertfordshire, England, called UK Free Software Network. What sets UKFSN apart from other ISPs is the fact that it gives away its profits to fund students working on free and open source software (FOSS) projects. Read more at"

Submission + - Microsoft sells Linux to Wal-Mart

Rob writes: Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, has become the latest big name to buy SUSE Linux vouchers from Microsoft Corp, following the software firm's landmark deal with Novell Inc last November. The retailer will take an undisclosed number of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription certificates — the support vouchers that Microsoft has to distribute to hold its end of its bargain with Novell.

CPI Sues FCC Over U.S. Broadband Competition 137

seriouslywtf writes "The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) wants to access data from the FCC on broadband subscriptions in various parts of the US, but the FCC won't hand it over. Why? Because the FCC thinks giving the CPI the data will give a competitive advantage to the other broadband companies. The FCC says everything is fine and has generated reports saying nothing needs to be done. From the article: 'But the agency's methods for generating these reports have come under scrutiny, and CPI wants to take a look for itself. When talking about broadband deployment, for instance, the FCC says that any particular ZIP code has broadband access if even a single cable or DSL connection exists there. It also classes "broadband" as anything above 200kbps — a woefully low standard for any true broadband connection.'"

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