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Comment Why yes, let's ban them (Score 1, Insightful) 899

Why yes, let's ban them, that'll show them. I'm sure they are disbanding as we speak.

Or Reddit just drove them underground, removing the possibility that their ideas could be challenged in an open forum. That's real smart, *golf clap*; why don't you try running for President next? I'm sure the US government needs your assistance in its follies.

Comment Re:Non Issue (Score 0) 261

Yes, yes, MS playing musical chairs with browsers is a perennial favorite of those who live in the Windows world. But there is something waaaaaaaaay more important that needs to be fixed before fixing that: Indexing with Network Drives.

For the curious (or for those who are wondering what the current status of this bug might be): https://social.technet.microso...

"Problem creating/renaming a folder on a network share with Win10 Anniversary Update (Error 0x8007003B)"

Comment Re:Think of it as evolution in action. (Score 2) 296

*Sigh*. If you read the article from the link provided, you would find that we have fosfomycin in the US, it's just not on the short list of approved antibiotics; it is, however, approved for some form of cysts...and its usage here would simply be an off-label usage. In other countries, it seems, it is on their short list of approved antibiotics.

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