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Comment You're still on Earth (Score 2) 150

Wouldn't the most critical component for the psyche be that you are on Mars? No calling off the experiment, no where to run. In the experiment, the participants will know in the back of their minds that if something goes terribly wrong, they will get pulled out or rescued.

Comment Re:Flight recorder (Score 3, Informative) 491

As for former P3 tacco, I give the following input: Only better and slower airborne asset is a helicopter. Given the remote location, the only way to get them to the search area would be by ship (destroyer (only a few helos, or aircraft carrier (many helos, but might not be available) So, what other choices do you have? Multi engine fixed wing search aircraft are the only way you could get coverage in this area. So the balance becomes how much area you can cover with radar and visual search patterns. You could search closer with surface ships, but you are talking alot of craft to cover a similar area, plus the lag time to gather them and get them to the location.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 439

Fallout Series (1,2,3, New Vegas, Oblivion, Morrowind) all good. Yes, can get dull at times traveling in their worlds, but interactive SP play is worth it. Not to mention the Mod community for Fallout and Oblivion that provide addons, upgrades and creativity. Also worth noting the mod community for the Half Life/Half Life 2 (origin of Counterstrike), plus all the addons (e.g. Gary's mod) and various scenarios based on the HL engine . If you have a good thing, gamers and independent developers will keep supporting the game and keep you coming back.

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