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Comment Re:Old computer with better spec than the new ones (Score 1) 310

I game quite nicely on a Core 2 Quad. Of course I don't really have any desire for VR, though. It's just not my cup of tea. I've not done FPSes since Quake 1. Quake 2 made me nauseous. (Something about that engine that made me want to hurl.) Nothing beats Galactic Civilizations 2 (or Alpha Centauri) for me. :) I like the "new, shiny" Civs, but the old school stuff is just great for me. And couple that with Worms:Armageddon and I'm in turn-based heaven. Still, I don't begrudge people wanting the latest and greatest. I did it for years. I just didn't upgrade after a while and I haven't noticed. (Granted, I run Linux and Windows 7.) I even turn off the eye candy for each.

One day I'll head back to eBay and order myself another 5 year old CPU. (as I stare at my Athlon running XP... heh.) Surprising what you can get for $30 on eBay...

Comment Re: You wouldn't download an Oreo (Score 1) 229

The current "Double Stuft" Oreos are merely the original amount of filling re-packaged. Back when Double Stuft was actually double, they did cost a little more, but today, they're nothing more than the original Oreo for the sucker with a short memory. Sort of like the size of candy bars and soup cans. So these asshats couldn't have picked a worse metaphor this side of "a series of tubes."

Comment Re:Lenovo dev team working on it (Score 2) 181

The previous AC is right about one thing. Microsoft is convicted of abusing monopoly power. You contradict yourself. The parent is talking about evidence. Evidence of Microsoft's activities. Simply saying "a Best Buy rep" nullifies this little incident doesn't make the overall picture untrue. I'm not particularly "anti" Microsoft (I have an XBox 360, well I've had 5, thanks MS QA!) but I do know they will do lots of shady shit to get the advantage. It's documented in trial transcripts. It seems your willingness to defend Microsoft has compromised your cognitive ability..... just sayin'.

Comment Re:Goodbye Windows. (Score 2) 585

Because it's Microsoft. We've seen these tactics before. We see what they are capable of as well as what they want.

They want a world where there is no alternative. The fact that they are getting help from chip makers is the only thing that is new about this. Embracing "open source" is Microsoft's way of infecting it and in their mind, hopefully destroying it.

Comment Re:Free Speech Must Be Stopped!!! (Score 1) 465

Well said. :)

The only problem I have with Twitter's policy is that is seems to be unevenly enforced. I get that it's their sandbox and I have to play by their rules to dig and make mud pies, but it's quite another when the "engaging in targeted harassment" flag is overused by sensitive people who believe words are more than just, well, words.

If they want to cut out the trolling, they are welcome to police their sandbox. I just wish it applied equally. Personally, the mute button is the coolest thing ever conceived by Twitter (I know, low bar). The reason it's so damn cool is the other user doesn't know they're muted. :) So they can yell like idiots 140 characters at a time and be none the wiser that their speech is not hitting my TL. :)

I don't put too much stock into the "harmful" nature of words. Speech has no agency. It is not something to be considered "weaponized." We can all agree that most of what passes for "harassment" on Twitter is people offended by dissent, or offended/angered that an assertion needs to be defended if one makes it.

There are some creepy things on Twitter. Thankfully block/mute work for most of them. And if a twitter user doesn't want to be sucked into the troll's world, that user should consider the source of the tweet before engaging.

Saves a LOT of time and headache, IMNSHO.

Comment Re:Apple's take on Windows 8 (Score 1) 370

I'd rather say, it was more of one foot in the grave and one foot in their collective cornholes. Windows 7 UI was fine. It wasn't great, but did the geniuses at Microsoft tweak and enhance? No, they scrapped and plopped that abortion of a UI onto everyone thinking it was still 1995 and they could do no wrong. Now they're scaling back the stupid with Windows 9 and 10, but the damage has been done.

I have been following Apple (after the death of the PowerPC Macs, and thus the death of my association with them as a primary PC), and the things I fell in love with in OS X were (and still are) being systematically dismantled. Yosemite just continues that trend. Since my G5 is now a printer stand, I figure I'll let Apple go its own way. It was really the best thing that could've happened. I am now running Linux exclusively and haven't missed Windows or OS X yet. No, put down the pitchforks. I am not turning this into a pro-Linux post. :)

Apple and Microsoft have lost their, shall we say, inspirations when the cult of the founders (Jobs being the most stark) leave (or die.) It will be interesting how they pull themselves out of this rut. It's forcing Microsoft to play damage control... and Apple's just about out of the last of the Jobs' ideas... so in time, we'll most likely see them hit the skids a little, unless they can unfreeze Jobs and let him be creative again. (or rather, be a pop-culture version of creative.)

Comment Re:gtfo (Score 0) 724

The same reason sexism is a non issue in games. It just is. It's a hobby. Don't like it? Make your own games. Stop pissing all over other people's entertainment under the mask of "equality" and "social justice." Yet the people at the forefront are disingenuous bitches who fucked their way to the top and aren't gamers or developers at all. They're seagulls. The squawk, fly in, crap all over everything, and are protected by the government.

Life's hard. Buy a helmet. No one is guaranteed the right not to be offended. These "SJWs" are no different than the temperance movement or the anti-porn crusaders.

Comment Dolt.. (Score 0) 796

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but get bent. The tired, debilitating Keynesian crapola that is causing the western world to take a swirly down the tubes needs a counter-argument.

I notice you don't bother to put anything down as a counter-argument, so I'm going to assume AC that you're a Statist Progtard.

And what do we say to progtards? Get bent.

Comment My List (apologies if already mentioned) (Score 1) 796

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
C.S. Lewis Space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, etc.)
Night, Eli Wiesel
On Anger, Seneca
The Road to Serfdom, Frederick Hayek
Free Speech for Me, but not for Thee, Nat Hentoff
Lawrence Lessig (Free Culture and any of his others.)
2001: A Space Odyssey (great movie too.) Arthur C. Clarke
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer
Common Sense, Thomas Paine
Nostromo, Joseph Conrad
Moby Dick, Herman Melville

And anything by Philip K. Dick. The must-reads on him are well, most of his work.

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