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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 261

The Playstation 4 is only "unrestricted" in so much that Sony is not making always-on DRM a requirement for games to play on their system (at least, right now; Sony has a habit of changing their minds about stuff like this). The Playstation 4 will, however, allow always-online DRM and you can bet that the publishers will be making use of it just as readily as they do on the PC (and are moving as far forwards with as they can on the consoles).

So? The PC "allows" always-online DRM because it "allows" publishers to do whatever they want. The PS4 is no different in that regard. I'd rather have an open platform and simple vote with my wallet not to buy games that have that crap.

Comment Re:HD PVR (Score 2) 328

I can't speak to the optical digital audio issue, because I use analog RCA stereo audio and have no issues with that. As to needing to power-cycle the unit, maybe there's a newer firmware that my unit was loaded with, but I have never had this issue myself. I actually run all my consoles through a component AV switch that goes into the PVR and into a single component input on the TV, so I can record any console by changing the switch. The unit is on all the time (just not recording) and if it crapped out regularly, I would lose my signal while playing normally. This doesn't happen though.

Comment Re:Nintendo needs to rethink its place in the worl (Score 4, Interesting) 403

Sure, they came out with the Kinect. The number of good games using it? Zero.

Correction: The number of good games (series) using the Kinect is one. The Dance Central series is hands down the best use of the Kinect as a peripheral to create a game that literally could not be done any other way. The problem is the same as most games on the Wii. Most developers use motion controls as a substitution for pushing buttons instead of starting with the concept that you can do things based on movement and designing a game solely working off that basis.

Comment Re:This happens everywhere on all levels (Score 1) 123

But you have to wonder how much good will, especially in the Internet age, said paper would receive if they then publicized the fact that the local car dealers were trying to strongarm them. That right there might give them a nice boost in readership, which means the other companies advertising in their paper get more eyeballs. I think community and (digital) word of mouth are the new advertising currency.

Comment Re:This Is The Point (Score 3, Insightful) 165

"Slimeballs" like Kim Dotcom are the only ones who can drag these people into the limelight. Like it or not, your rights are defined by the precedent set in cases involving duplicitous people. It's easy to say "Oh well he's obviously guilty, so in this case it's okay to violate his rights to get the correct result." Problem is, that is one slippery-ass slope you're heading down.

Comment Re:Thanks (Score 4, Informative) 308

Also, the copyright bill recently passed, though it has terrible digital lock provisions, does actually differentiate between commercial and non-commercial infringement and caps the latter at $5000 for all infringement up to the point the lawsuit was filed. Also also, that section of the bill contains explicit instructions to judges for considering statutory damage amounts to take into account the nature of the infringement and how widely it was used, and they can drop it as low as $100. That's not even worth the costs of filing the suit. This severely limits the likelihood that people will cop to settlements for thousands of dollars to avoid a trial. There are some silver linings.

Comment Re:People should think twice... (Score 3, Informative) 292

TFA says that the statutory limit for damages for non-commercial infringement is $5000

Per infringement. How many different people did you upload that bittorrent to? 1,700? Um... uh oh.

Wrong. It's $5000 for all infringement up to the point the lawsuit is filed. At the very least, there won't be any Canadian Joel Tenenbaums. It will be far less worthwhile to actually pursue these cases here.

Comment Re:Suck my pirate dick (Score 3, Informative) 292

It's important to note that the cap of $5000 is for all infringement up to the point the lawsuit is filed. Not $5000 per infringement. And even then, the new bill C-11 contains instructions to judges on determining statutory damages to consider the personal nature of the infringement and how much it actually damaged the plaintiff. That $5000 judgment could go all the way down to $100. You won't be seeing any "$2 million for downloading two dozen songs" bullshit, so that's something.

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