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Submission + - Should IT be a Regulated Industry? ( 2

DotNM writes: "IT professionals typically have the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, and often have full and complete access to systems containing personal and confidential information. As well, anyone can start their own IT company with no formal knowledge, training or certification. Should this be the case? I believe that we should have a dialogue about Information and Communication Technology becoming a regulated industry with minimum standards of education and training, especially in security."

Submission + - Using Music Now Costs More in Canada (

DotNM writes: "Event organizers are no strangers to being charged fees by SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, which are typically added to a venue rental bill, but Re:Sound, an organization similar to SOCAN, is attempting to increase its revenues to the approximately $275 million per year collected by SOCAN.

What this means is that if your event in Canada uses music, you'll have to pay even higher fees which depend on the number of attendees and the use of the music. For example, a wedding reception of 400 guests would cost $27.76, but if dancing is involved, the fee doubles to $55.52.

One key point which may concern those who have had any type of event in the last few years is the fact that these fees are retroactive back to 2008, meaning people who have had events that have already occurred can still be billed for it."


Submission + - Facebook is down, again (

Animats writes: "Not just the stock. The Facebook site itself is having problems this weekend.
Facebook has had intermittent outages since Friday, the Huffington Post reports. Right now, DownRightNow reports a "likely service disruption." The symptom is very slow, but valid responses from the site. So far, Facebook hasn't made any public statements."


Submission + - 2700 Personal Tax Files Missing After CRA Auditor (

DotNM writes: "The personal information of almost 2700 Canadians are missing from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) after a worker took them home and let a friend download them onto a laptop.

The worker asked a computer technician at the CRA to download the personal information of the taxpayers along with the worker's emails to support a grievance against the CRA for failing to accomodate her medical condition.

The technician downloaded the information for her onto 16 CDs, which were not encrypted contrary to government standards.

Although the incident occurred in 2006, the CRA appears to have done little, if anything, to fix these issues."


Submission + - RIM Experiences BBM / BIS Outage (

DotNM writes: "If you've been trying to send BlackBerry Messenger messages to your friends or family and not getting a response, you're not alone. CP24 and other media outlets are reporting that Research In Motion, the company that created the BlackBerry corporate email device, The outage apparently started yesterday, September 15 around 6:00 PM Eastern Time and is continuing even now. It also seems that not all carriers and locations are impacted.

BBM is similar to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ in that they allow users to send "instant messages" to other users. These messages even indicate when they are delivered to the recipient's device and actually read by the recipient. Impacted messages are not displaying the delivery indicator, a "D" above the checkmark next to the message.

BlackBerry users are reporting a variety of problems ranging from being unable to send or recieve BBM messages to the device itself even operating slowly. Others have no problems with anything and are able to use BBM and other services without issue.

A thread seems to indicate that the problem is not just isolated to BlackBerry Messenger and is also affecting the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which handles push email to BlackBerry devices that are not on a BlackBerry Enterprise Serve (BES)."

Submission + - International Monetary Fund Hit By Cyber Attack (

DotNM writes: "CityNews and other media outlets are reporting that the International Monetary Fund has been hit by a "cyber attack". They are withholding most of the details, however, it is known that the World Bank has shut down a "link" between them and the IMF."

Comment Re:Canada too? (Score 1) 245

Yes, this is in effect in Canada too. I have a BMO Bank of Montreal MasterCard and BMO Bank of Montreal debit card, and both are chip and PIN enabled. There's even a website with a bunch of information and FAQs on chip and PIN: Full disclosure: I am a Bank of Montreal employee, but from my understanding, all major Canadian banks will be following suit if they haven't started already.

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