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Comment Re:AV Free for years (Score 3, Insightful) 352

Problem with whitelisting is that it destroys your computer.

It's not a computer any more. It's an appliance.

Which is fine for people you can only trust to run an appliance, but it prevents anyone from programming aka becoming more productive.

It's a nice little racket - it guarantees the IT dept. a job (they were charging £2,000 to vet programs for distribution at my last place), it gives the "real" programmers more work, but it stops users reaching enlightenment and getting the computer to do what it's for - lots of repetitive tasks in an automated manner.


Aside from that, whitelisting software has been responsible for some of the more spectacular performance drops I've seen - like taking a process that writes around 30,000 files and increasing it's runtime from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, taking an operation that subject matter authors were doing when they felt like it and making it a tea-break thing, totally wrecking productivity.

Comment Re:Its the capacitors (Score 1) 195

You wouldn't use electrolytic capacitors in space because the low pressure would cause the electrolyte to boil away fairly rapidly. Yes, even faster than normal.

As Mark Watney discovers in The Martian when his laptop goes "phut" when he takes it outside of the dome, consumer electronics, even units approved for usage on NASA missions, aren't designed to withstand environments outside what's normal on Earth.

Comment Re:Shoe on other foot (Score 1) 531

There are over 300 people in the USA for every police officer, and that ratio is only slightly higher in cities (1:250 for New York City).

There's now more guns than people in the USA, the bulk of them in private hands. In a civil war between the police and the people, I know who I'd back. And that's not even accounting for the fact that the majority of the police signed up because they wanted to protect those people, not mow them down en-masse.

Until the robot factories are mass producing killdroids, the people still have the edge in terms of power.

Comment Re:The business model (Score 1) 531

This is why business in the USA desperately needs to push for single-payer state healthcare.

You're spending 17% of your GDP when systems with comparable or better outcomes spend 10-12%, or even as little as 7% in the case of the UK NHS. Most of the difference is profiteering and insurance admin overheads.

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