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Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 2, Insightful) 275

Sorry, but this opinion is misinformed.

Rainforests are carbon-neutral. They're a festering sea of life and they emit as much carbon as they absorb.

Of course, that's no reason to ignore them or burn them all down. They play a very important role in climate regulation, and are a literal hothouse of interesting lifeforms with lots of interesting molecules in them. But carbon sinks, they are not.

Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 1) 275

The thing about plants... is they're cheap. They're the only self-replicating nanotech factories we've got at present, and hey, they just happen to use atmospheric carbon as one of their raw materials.

There are people who think seeding algal blooms in the ocean will help. As long as they don't decay and make methane, that is.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 491

Whereas I find using a Macbook *infuriating*. The non-standard keyboard layout which breaks a lifetime of muscle memory is the primary reason. I bet that dedicated Mac-fans have a similar response to using a standard keyboard though.

I like the Ubuntu desktop environment. I know a lot of people complained about Unity at first, and to be fair, it was a bit hinky to start with. But I persevered, and so did Canonical, and now it's a lot better. On the occasions I have to use a colleague's Mac, the desktop environment drives me nuts as well.

I acknowledge these things can be gotten used to. I understand the package repository situation on Macs is a bit more complex than the almost universal Debian repository system I get to use on Ubuntu though.

They're thinking of standardising us on OSX at work. I'm not looking forward to it. To my mind, the whole "think different" thing is just another kind of lock-in - different keyboard, different desktop idioms, all that stuff designed to only be available on OSX, just like Visual Studio is only available on Windows. At least you can plug in a standard keyboard. Not sure I'm going to be able to remember to push COMMAND everything instead of just using ctrl like a normal person...

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 5, Interesting) 491

On desktop - 1.5%

Amongst developers - 20%

Of course, developers are a very influential set. If, for example, a developer writes an app using Electron because it works well on both Linux AND Windows... it works well on Linux. And software that works well on Linux makes it an attractive platform.

MS knows the best way to keep useful software exclusively on their platform is to get developers hooked on their toolchain.

Comment Re:Conspiracy theory time! (Score 2) 266

My money would be on a .50 cal Anti Material Rifle. It was an Israeli satellite. A quarter-billion dollars would be a juicy target for the Palestinians.

The fire originated around the upper stage oxidizer tank, which would be the logical choice of target to shoot at. Leaking fuel isn't necessarily dangerous. Leaking oxidizer will make everything in the area kindling for the tiniest of sparks.

Comment Re:Fuck the laptop if you're going to jail! Geeze! (Score 1) 308

So before you travel :

* Any data you'll need at your destination that's sensitive, you make encrypted backups
* You store them online where you can get at them
* You wipe your machine and install Windows on it (or OSX if it's a Mac), because those commie hacker OSs are suspicious
* You transfer the data across the network from backup

No-one should travel through US Customs with anything potentially sensitive, because the laws say they can search, seize, copy, do what they like.

Comment Re: Good plot hooks (Score 3) 204

based on how the transporters are supposed to work all you should need is a high enough bandwidth data connection

As I understand it, it's actually supposed to transport your original matter, rather than just taking you to bits at one end, junking your mass, and reassembling you from a pool of matter at the other end. Otherwise how would it work when one end of the transport is not on a pad?

"I'm sorry Commander Riker, we ran out of carbon while you were coming in, so we printed your dick a bit smaller."

"You can't beam up while the shields are up"

I always thought that one was down to the effect of shields, rather than a power limitation - or else, again, why is it usually impossible for other ships to send in boarding parties via transporter when your shields are up - they don't have their power being drained by *their* shields. Which makes sense - shields block beams of energy, the transporter beam is a beam of energy, therefore beaming through a shield means you get scattered into a burst of microwaves.

"Romulan and Klingon ships cannot fire when cloaked."

Again, probably not due to a power limitation - we're talking about a system that bends all radiation emissions around the ship, negating even active sensors (but ... not enemy weapons fire.. maybe it's energy handling ability is limited) - firing a weapon from inside such a field could feasibly have some complex and unpredictable effects. Maybe the radiation gets bent right back at you. Maybe it blows out all the cloaking systems if you do it, causing console explosions across the ship that kill all your crew.

Comment Re:What does this have to do with Windows? (Score 2) 102

It's a special magic version of Windows, it's been cross compiled to the non-x86 CPU, you can't install any actual Windows software on it.

In short - its only use is as an embedded dev platform for organisations that have their head so firmly entrenched in the splenic flexure of Microsoft's colon that they cannot possibly consider using that nasty filthy commie Open Source stuff.

Comment Re:Tighten those chains. (Score 1) 137

I use laptops in meetings to look up detail about the points being made during the lulls in actual information provision. Most meeting presentations are so packed with guff for the people who can't keep up, or just meaningless detail, that they actively repel my attention. Looking things up helps keep my attention and cement the points in my mind.

Of course, some people interpret this as your boss does - they think I'm noodling around with social media.

Comment What sex was the researcher with the clipboard? (Score 4, Interesting) 144

Not to be funny, but there's a well-established phenomenon where men exhibit greater pain tolerance in the presence of a woman, but women don't exhibit similar bias in front of men. If any of the researchers were female (and from their names, some were), that would bias the results.

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