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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

So what about the all of the unskilled jobs that are essential for a modern society to operate (garbage men, gas station clerks, waiters/waitresses, cooks, drivers, farm laborers, etc)? Do you imply that people in those jobs should accept the fact that in order to survive they need to devote even more of their time to their job, just because a company is too damn cheap to support them?

It seems this is history repeating itself, and we are going back to the time of the industrial revolution and the gilded age, where workers were expected to work 16 hours, 6 days a week just to survive.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

I could turn your first sentence back on you... do you have any critical thinking skills whatsoever? Assuming you do, lets use our critical thinking skills to work through this. What does desertification mean? Exactly, it means turning into a desert. So what makes something a desert? No, its not lack of plants; is the lack of something else that plants need. Let me give you a hint, you pointed it out in your own post. Thats right - a desert is where there is very little H2O available.

So the process of desertification doesn't take place because the plants go away, rather its the plants going away because the water is going away. In a warming world, rain bands will shift locations, leading to a huge reduction in rainfall in some areas, which leads to desertification.

Comment Re:I prefer regulations that promote safe operatio (Score 1) 150

There are plenty of other people in CA doing exactly the same 'cool stuff' that Uber is trying to do. In fact, there are 20 companies in CA who are using the Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit system from the DMV, including VW, Ford, Honda, Google, Tesla, BMW, NVIDIA and more (list here Clearly the regulations are not so burdensome that they are limiting this type of testing. They mostly require reporting to the DMV of any accidents involving the autonomous vehicles.

The bigger problem here is the standard Uber business practice of 'we don't need to follow the rules' that we've seen before. And its not the first time they've been affected by that stance, and it certainly makes them look like petulant whiners when they don't get their way, even when breaking the law.

Comment Re: How do you take a turn? (Score 1) 176

I also live in Colorado (but spent most of my life in the Midwest). I have to say that Colorado drivers are horrible. I see Colorado plates doing the exact thing you describe above, as well as a myriad of other idiotic things all the time. And for a state that gets a fair amount of snow, it is unforgivable how bad people here drive in the snow.

Comment Re:Hooray (Score 4, Insightful) 122

I don't remember a time when iTunes was ever a respectable music manager and player. I remember trying it in the early days, but soon went back to just using WinAmp and organized folders in Explorer to play and manage my music... Unfortunately now with iDevices, I'm forced to use the abomination that is iTunes...

Comment Re:Wow, they really are stuck in the past (Score 5, Insightful) 486

The funny thing is that this is almost a reflection of the West's understanding of how Al Qaeda works. How long did we focus on going after Bin Laden or any of the other top guys, as if taking out those guys is sufficient to wipe out an entire ideology. Likely the mis-targeted drone strikes and other operations undertaken to eliminate these figureheads only served to bring more to the extremist ideology.

Comment Re:Too many close calls (Score 1) 349

There's an interesting sci-fi book on this very subject. "The Canticle for Leibowitz" ( was written in the '60s and takes place at a Catholic monastery in the Southwest US at some unknown date in the future after a nuclear war wiped out civilization. The monks of this monastery are charged with preserving the knowledge of the previous civilization until the world is again ready for it.

Comment Re:No push for teacher education? (Score 1) 657

With that logic, I recommend we take away your car, computer, cell phone, gas grill, laptop batteries, lighter fluid and anything you own that COULD be used as an explosive device, a trigger for an explosive device, a delivery method for an explosive device or a tool to make an explosive device, until the authorities can firmly establish what your intent is with those items.

Comment Re:Get used to it, this is the future (Score 1) 279

Sounds like someone isn't looking hard enough for good music. There are seriously so many good groups out there now, whatever your tastes are, that its hard to believe anyone when they claim that all the 'good music' come out in the 60s-80s. That to me says they are either very closed minded, or just listen to the crap on the radio.

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