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Comment Re:A damn good reason to learn security best pract (Score 1) 374

C was invented as portable assembly IIRC. If you cant sort out a buffer overflow then dont call yourself a programmer.

Real programmers see their job as making the computers job easy, not the other way around.

And one way a real programmer makes the computers job easy is making sure there code is as easy to work with for those who make updates after they are gone.

Comment Re:Already writing code that writes code... (Score 1) 342

Yep, my biggest job as a software developer isn't usually translating the specification into code, it is talking to systems to get a full specification. And no, it isn't just an implementation detail. I learned years ago that if I code the way I think best for the gaps in the specification called implementation details, someone will complain the code isn't working like they want it.

Comment Re: How to do anything in 2017 (Score 1) 312

In simple terms, C is simply a subset of C++. A result of this though is C tends to be data oriented and a fairly different design philosophy from C++ as an overall program. Looking at any random line of C vs C++ usually wont result in a noticeable difference though. For the first few general concepts you could use either.

Comment Re:Reverse engineering (Score 2) 502

Timothy McVeigh was actually called a Terrorist in the Main Stream Media and by Federal Government employees and officials. I do recall that quite clearly. How old are you? Not to know?

I think by "wasn't terrorism" is more along the lines of history being rewritten. Just because something used to be considered true is no longer relevant to the modern political climate.

Comment Re: Trump is what he said he was (Score 1) 502

At least with Trump, this will be a HUGE shit-show, the biggest, best shit-show ...

My take on Trump is regardless of the outcome being good or bad, I'll be back here munching on popcorn and enjoying the show. If he can do a good job, the complaining as it happens should be hilarious. If he does a bad job, I'd rather consider it a tragic comedy than cry about it.

Comment Re:Removable battery? (Score 1) 146

Haven't spent over $210 on a device|phone. $169 Xiaomi, and the potential replacement, a Nexus 6, 64GB for $209.

I always bought the expensive phones because Verizon was going to charge me a new phone fee even if I didn't buy one. Now that they've dropped that charge, time to start looking at more practical ones.

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