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Comment Re:Smart key for ignition, not access. (Score 1) 215

"Even if locked, opening the door via the interior door latch WILL unlock the door."

Depends on the car.
My Fords did this great.  BMW's have a pull twice thing ( first pull unlocks, second pull opens )
GM, I have not owned any recent ones, but my recollection is that they dont open unless you unlock using the inside thingy to unlock.

Comment Re:Why lock the car? (Score 1) 215

In the days of my youth, I bought a club and used it on my pickup.
I went to a friend's house, the friend had some friends of, shall we say, ill repute.
My friend told me not to bother with the club, it was not effective.  I disputed, he said, "Ok...".
We went into the house, then back out a short time later.  My friend "I told you so...".
There was the club, sitting on the seat, no damage to the steering wheel, none to the club.
The club was still locked, and, as far as I could tell, just as it was when I put it on while discussing it's goodness.

Comment Re:More likely idea: unbalanced and violent (Score 1) 404

I do not see where in that scripture anyone is being called on to perform anything, except to avoid such things for one's self.
So, a literal interpretation does not seem to me to give itself to hostile or harmful actions against others ( there is exhortation to discuss, but within the context of followers of Christ persuading someone seemingly errant toward more Godly actions/thoughts ).

We are also told not to judge others, that God will handle that for himself
to forgive others, if we wish to be forgiven
to love others, and pass God's love on to others, even to those we would consider enemies.
I do not know how some claim the label 'Christian' while not being cognizant and observing these

Yes, that scripture does begin with one thing ( homosexuality ), but eventually does include other sin
There may be levels of sin, but I see nothing calling for more than being as correct in oneself as possible.

A note, my Church ( and former Church ) are very likely considered "Fundamentalist", but I never experienced any teaching contrary to love, forgive, dont condemn.

Comment Re:Tread Carefully (Score 0) 151

I will try to read it, thank you.

I had never thought about a united ProUS Korea.  Yes, China would fear that.

I do find all the "nuke them till they glow..." comments when NK misbehaves to be remarkably dense.
China would never stand for any such thing.

I wish I could pick your brain for a few hours on that and other subjects.
Work calls.

Comment Re:This sort of thing is why people like Trump (Score 1) 420

<quote>So the choice is to make them overseas or don't make them at all.</quote>

In this case ( and others ), the company had the workers, was presumably profitable, and the company elected to outsource anyway.
So, I am not convinced this argument flys always.

<quote>The problem is you are now paying tariffs and more money for the items.</quote>

You are not paying tariffs, by definition.  You are paying ( more, I will certainly grant you ) for the items, but you are paying that within your economy.
At levels consistent with the cost of other goods in your economy
( this is what the turkeys pushing for outsourcing dont get, not only do you loose someone paid enough to afford the expensive goods you are trying to sell ( here, because, by definition, they cant afford them where you are outsourcing to ), but you are performing wage arbitrage.  Sounds good to them "cheap wages now, and later on too!", but you cant sell at the price points you want, because you pushed money out of your local system ( and if you believe the other countries participating will reciprocate, I have a unicorn to sell you ) and made less available to yourself.  All because you think "ill have an extra helping now, screw those who come after me". )

<quote>This is the problem with trying to centrally plan an economy.</quote>

Why bring in "central planning"?  There is a lot of area between "all planned at the top" and "nothing planned at the top".

Comment Re: Duh (Score 1) 376

"Microsoft doesn't make much money from OS updates. They never have. It's a tiny portion of their revenue."

Exactly.  This is the spur.  They want more.

"Besides, what features would be locked out if Windows were to become a subscription based model? Please do tell"

The whole operating system?  Pay your monthly subscription or you cannot use your machine.
What else would be the point?  What else would be needed?

Comment Re:What? No, this is wrong! (Score 1) 216

The parable of the talents is not about making material gains for yourself.
It is about taking what God gives you, and putting it to use in a way that pleases God, not hiding it.

Your analysis of some who claim 'Christian' and 'camels and needles' is quite insightful.
Jesus calls for us to look after the interests of others in addition to our own
He calls on us to share with others, to help others.

Comment Re: So is he wrong? (Score 1) 866

The truth of the matter is that Capitalism nor Communism nor produce automatic gains for humanity as a whole.

Power held in the hands of few leads to losses for humanity.

Communism's steps to fruition lead to power held in the hands of few, it would take many wonders and miracles for it to actually be achieved.

But, concentration of private wealth also leads to power concentrated in few hands.
Those with that power use it to grab increasing control of the political system, a process we have all had ring side seats to for a long time now.
Chose to be willfully blind to it, if you like, but people behave poorly toward others, given power.
Its not communism, its not capitalism, it's human.

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