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Comment Re:Who's going to build these pumps? (Score 1) 401

This may be unrelated but I seem to remember learning about railroads and the tundra and the problem of the pressure causing melting and thus causing the tracks to bend, so they came up with a solution of a machine (canister) that contained ammonia. The ammonia would condense and drop to the bottom of the tanks where it would boil and rise to the top where heat sinks would dissipate any collected heat. It worked really well because for all practical purposes it had no moving parts and lasted indefinitely, constantly working to take heat from the ground and keep it frozen. I just remember it being a very elegant solution for that particular problem.. not saying that's the solution here, but it always doesn't have to be some enormous feat of engineering.

Comment Re:Is this for snowflakes? (Score 1) 54

Why should I not judge? I can and I will because I can, snowflake. Now go cry yourself to sleep.

It just seems rather ironic. You seem to be showing narcissistic tendencies and are quite frankly acting like a crybaby. Therefore it seems quite plausible that you're just projecting your own tendencies onto others.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy? (Score 0) 734

Report does not state they have any evidence that the Russians hacked nor leaked emails to wikileaks, just basically "we think they did this". Read the god dam report, it absolutely provides no evidence or new information.

...and how do you think the intelligence community came to that conclusion? Do you honestly need to crack open a dictionary to look up what the word "evidence" MEANS?


Comment Malware != Hacking... BUT... (Score 1) 574

Malware isn't hacking. Malware unlocks the doors to hacking by creating opportunity. It exploits security holes wherever it can find them, then once a security hole is established THEN when needed, it can be used for hacking purposes.

If hacking was an army, malware would be the scout.

Comment Cults of personality, or lack thereof (Score 1) 236

Hillary didn't lose because of some "mandate from the minority" or because of perceived corruptions... She lost because she has the personality of a beige jumpsuit.

Trump won because he's the man you love to hate... Trump is EASILY as corrupt as Clinton, probably more so, but the conservatives can NEVER admit that because he's their backed horse now.

Just like every other vitriolic conservative personality, they feign outrage, while giving a slight wink and a nod of supporting the very thing they "stand" for... i.e. "drain the swamp!"

Bernie had personality and ran an arguably clean campaign and REAL grass roots support, but he was undoubtedly hamstrung by the DNC who were dead set on lifting Hillary to office. It is my firm opinion that Bernie would have decidedly beaten Trump... without a shred of doubt in my mind. On that score the democrats were a MAJOR factor in Trump's victory to the presidency.

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