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Comment Re:Eyes wide shut (Score 1) 287

If it is even true it is interesting to see that the Russians are doing more for transparency then the pop media, the DNC and the alphabet mafia.

Doing more for transparency (in areas where it serves their interests) Let's talk about transparency in their involvment in Ukraine... what? those soldiers are just on vacation? the people voted overwhelmingly to annex Crimea!? .. well hell.. it must be true because Russia is the champion of (conservatives) errr. transparency in government!

Comment Re:I think it's fair (Score 1) 178

Oblig: http://marshallbrain.com/manna...

Manna - management by algorithm - the final precursor step to total automation.

..or total subjugation by our man made god... once a system is in place where we've given up our free will to a machine and generations are born into and accepting that system, it will be almost impossible to escape it.

Comment Re:Constitution is so inconvenient (Score 1) 131

President can't make laws so he just makes rules?

Sounds like what Hillary has said she'll do about gun control if elected. If Congress won't give her what she wants, well, she'll do it with Executive Orders....

...well then, your problem isn't with Hillary. It's with executive orders... However I'd say "be careful what you wish for" probably applies here.

Comment Stargate Lesson (Score 2) 304

People fail to learn the Stargate lesson. Stargate being the first movie IMHO, that had significant CGI effects, was fragged down by a lackluster story line. It had beautiful imagery but that doesn't carry a movie. Conversely take Forest Gump where the CGI was so good that you didn't even know it was there and took its rightful place as a tool to tell a story, not the star of the film.

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