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Comment Stay away from Windows 10 insider builds (Score 1) 151

Stay away from Windows 10 insider builds.

I was using an insider build that worked okay, then tried upgrading to the next build in the "slow" track, and it completely broke my wifi, then I reverted back to the earlier insider build. So far, no real problems.

Then Microsoft decided that insider builds should expire, and become non-functional. You get a BSOD every 4 hours as a way of reminding you to not use old insider builds.

The built-in Windows Update for insider builds was also broken since I had been messing with registry settings for telemetry, and it refused to check for insider build updates.

So yeah, stay away unless you like broken wifi or BSODs every 4 hours.

Comment Re:Hello, world! (Score 1) 421

You're going to get junk for every trivial program no matter what. It includes the CRT or runtime library into all statically linked programs, no matter how much of the CRT or runtime library it actually needs.
The only way to not get junk is to turn on "ignore all default libraries", which is tough to do, but possible. You lose a lot of features of the compiler, such as the built-in standard library, converting floats to ints, etc.

Here's a minimal Hello World program that includes no junk whatsoever:
#include <windows.h>

void PutText(const char *str)
        HANDLE standardOutput = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
        int len = lstrlenA(str);
        WriteFile(standardOutput, str, len, NULL, NULL);

int EntryPoint()
        PutText("Hello World!\n");
        return 0;

You need to adjust linker settings, you turn on "Ignore Default Libraries", then change the entry point to EntryPoint.
After doing this, you get a 2.5K EXE file, where each section (.text, .data, .rdata) contains nothing extraneous at all, except for the padding to 512 byte alignment.

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