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Comment Re:They have it backwards (Score 1) 316

This. I used to have a large DVD library, which I would rip so I could watch anytime I wanted. It all looked cool, and occasionally there'd be a bump in encoding and I could break out the DVD and make a new version.

However, I noticed that I rarely watched any of it. If I was picking a movie for myself, I'd want to watch something new.

So aside from kid's movies and some classics, I deleted it all. With Redbox for new releases and Netflix et al for finding something new it just didn't make sense.

Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 2) 241

Computers run the world, so they do need to understand how they work in a general way. To do this I they should give students a general understanding of logical structures and how computer programs work. Knowing a particular language, or making that the focus, won't do most of them any good.

Comment Re: Fascinating (Score 4, Informative) 70

You may want to read the write up. Windows had nothing to do with this hack. He created his own 0day against an internet facing appliance. He doesn't name it, but that his follow-up step was to install some additional Unix utilities, we know it was a *nix box. Then he found that their iSCSI network wasn't properly segmented away from the user network, and there was no authentication configured. That's a human error.

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