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Social Networks

Submission + - Researchers create Social Engineering IRC Bot (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers of the Vienna University of Technology developed an IRC bot that acts as a "Man in the middle" between two unsuspecting users, modifies URLs passed between them and also is capable of steering the direction the conversation goes. Not only this works surprisingly well on IRC — 76,1% click rate at maximum — also 4 out of 10 persons clicked on links on Facebook Chat after complete strangers befriended them. This would have worked even better if the bot were to clone existing friends profiles and submitting friend requests from those, say researchers.

Comment Re:Qt still has a point? (Score 1) 253

Just as a side note, since this isn't known enough: If you're going to use the open source version of Qt, you're not required to use the GPL and only the GPL. Trolltech grants a broad license exception that allows the use of about two dozen other open source licenses, among them all the popular ones, such as LGPL, BSD, X11, Eclipse, Apache, Mozilla. See:

Submission + - Games Workshop Forbids Warhammer Fan Films (

EikeHein writes: "Made by dozens of fans over a period of several years and featuring impressive special effects, the feature-length Warhammer 40.000 epic DAMNATUS ranks among the most elaborate fan productions ever made — and yet may never see the light of day. Despite initially giving a go-ahead to the project, UK-based Warhammer franchise owner Games Workshop has come around to forbid distibution of the film just as it was being readied for release. What's more, they've amended their IP Policy to forbid any such projects in the future. At the heart of the matter appears to be Continental European copyright law, which grants the German film makers certain irrevocable rights to their creation which they cannot sign away. Given that the owners of the other two SF mega-franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars, have been able to come to terms with such issues and arguably benefit greatly from the media attention paid to popular fan productions, it would seem that Games Workshop still has to learn a thing or two about how to capture fan enthusiasm for their benefit."

KDE on the NBC Show "Heroes" 271

Vesuv writes "The pilot episode of NBC's flagship drama for the 2006 fall season proudly features a laptop showing a KDE desktop and KDE applications such as Kopete and KMix running on Mandriva Linux. " The show itself looks to have potential for essentially an x-men knockoff. I mean, it ain't written by Sorkin (all hail jesus) so I'll give it a few more episodes to decide if all the angst is gonna kill me or not.

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