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Comment AI-Censorship (Score 2) 102

I bet that China LOVES this idea! No censors... just AI that will do the job in a way that it will censor unwanted content "nobody would have flagged at all". That is totalitarian dream! Great ways to put AI to use for the benefit of mankind. Mark, congratulations for your achievement.

I am sure we will hear about this technology soon but we may not like the news.

Comment RFC ProgrammersRank (P-Rank) (Score 1) 228

I suggest having standardized JAVA-Doc-like syntax where users can rate functions and add virtual likes/dislikes to whatever code they want.

Because what is better code then a code that does the job (nobody has to fight with it), is readable, understandable, manage-able... simply code that users (other programmers) like to use?

S why not to have /**
  * ...
  * @rating elixon +1 Some optional comment.
  * ...

That way one can even identify problem parts in a code that are difficult to work - that slow down other programmers so it can be refactored... :-) I would love it. I would give my @rating thumbs up and down like crazy...

Comment Law applies to Territory - where is Instagram's? (Score 2) 375

"The territorial principle (also territoriality principle) is a principle of public international law under which a sovereign state can prosecute criminal offences that are committed within its borders." [wikipedia]

I would say that those women committed the picture-crime on US-based servers - no against US law. But the policemen viewing the pictures from Iran committed the immoral thing of viewing uncovered "US-based" pictures in Iran - against Iran law. I say let's sue those indecent Iranian policeman!

Comment Firefox should rename to Phoenix once again (Score 1) 191

Mozilla should reinvent the browser again. Browser is what makes Mozilla. If they don't clean it up it wont be successful anywhere else. If they make it work it will span into other areas like IoT, mobile phones, cars... naturally by people willing to use it for their projects.

Trying to push broken/sluggish/buggy software beast into those areas using heavy investments of resources that Mozilla needs elsewhere is management's misstep.

I am the user of this browser since Phoenix 0.5 (not to mention Netscape before). But it is lately that I started slow migration to Chrome. It all started with inability to use debug tools properly (not working, misleading debugger, extremely slow responses) then terrible video performance on Youtube and crashes and UI freezes... The only reason I use FF on Android is because it supports extensions.

It is sad to hear something like this from myself - me, die-hard Firefox fan.

Comment Good reason to be born (Score 1) 547

This article reads that we must procreate to preserve economic viability and competitiveness.

"My dear, it is time to tell you the truth. The reason you were born is not because daddy loves mummy but because we want our nation to stay competitive and economically viable. Love, your economically stable parents & your government"

Comment "Wholeness quiets infinite phenomena" (Score 1) 411

Infinite phenomena does not have beginning nor end. Thus it cannot be complete, it cannot be whole as it is ever growing, ever expanding, ... So what is more infinite or wholeness? Does something that is whole beats/overshadows/quiets/... something that is infinite?

You can answer this or that but merely the fact that you are considering any answer earns the question some credibility, doesn't it? Is it really "bullshit" then? :-D

Comment 30 and 40 cyberattacks per night? LOL (Score 1) 83

:-) This amount of attacks simply means that they don't care. I am working on one website of known Japanese corporation and this is the log from my IDS - how many attacks were detected/prevented a day - on average between 100 - 200... and that is just one commercial company: ....
        105x 2015-11-02
        122x 2015-11-03
        226x 2015-11-04
        108x 2015-11-05
        125x 2015-11-06
        149x 2015-11-07
        107x 2015-11-08
        231x 2015-11-09
          40x 2015-11-10

Statistics by attacker's country:
        27.5% CN
        14.8% US
          5.8% IN
          5.1% RU
          3.8% BR
          3.5% KR
          2.2% NL
          1.8% FR
          1.8% DE
          1.7% GB

I guess that it is because we don't use paywall as Australian government to protect our customer. That is why we see such high rate of hacking attempts. :-D

BTW This PR statistics means really nothing when we all know that it takes just 1 successful hack...

Submission + - BBC Wars: Tardis strikes back (europa.eu)

Elixon writes: Czech trademark monitoring service IP Defender reported that The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) applied for a figurative trademark POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX for wide range of goods and services like cinematographic and photographic films, printed publications, key chains, textile goods, toys, telecommunications and more. Metropolitan Police was defeated by BBC in the past while trying to monopolize Police box. Now its BBC's turn.

There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.

Steven Moffat

Comment Simple (Score 3, Insightful) 298

I would definitely add "simple". Everybody can write complex code but it takes experience and great knowledge to be able to choose the best fit for the implementation. More experience and knowledge you have more options to choose from. Beginner will usually go with the first hunch that will get complex sooner or later as he will meet challenges he didn't expect...

So yeah, simple, readable, documented, functional, consistent...

Comment Re:um... (Score 1) 71

Nope. Every kid already got that. Those scientists obviously missed their childhood... otherwise they would know that the thing they discovered is known to every 6 years old child who ever tried to release air-filled balloons and watch it progressively accelerate... :-D

I hope they will get a massive grant for this discovery... to compensate for the childhood they probably never had.

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