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Comment Re:Still using Russian equipment? (Score 1) 65

Any particular reason you neglected to mention that the ban on the RD-180s relates to national security launches, while the RD-181 purchased by Orbital ATK are used for civilian and commercials launches?
What's that? Because it helps your personal political narrative? Yeah, thought so.

Comment Re:BAAH!!! (Score 2) 136

I don't think his character survived the first one, something to do with the main plot.

Seriously though, he's great and all, and I'm sure they could have come up with some excuse that they had a bunch of copies of the Roy Batty model and they actually had a life extension procedure for him or they aged him for some purpose, but I'd rather they didn't do a rehash of all the same characters just for the sake of nostalgia.

Hey I have an idea, maybe Gosling is Deckard's son in this one, and he kills and drops him into some deep chasm because he has daddy issues.

Comment Boeing Rocket? What Boeing Rocket? (Score 2) 254

They don't have any rockets.
Even if he's considering ULA's rockets being nominally Boeing's, they're shutting down production of the Delta IV family, the Atlas V is on shaky ground with its Russian engines, and is supposed to be discontinued when the Vulcan starts flying, the development of which they are underfunding and as it stands, even when it's done, would probably not even be competitive with SpaceX's current Falcon 9.

Or are they planning to buy out LockMart's half of ULA, or compete with their own subsidiary with an undisclosed rocket design?

Comment Nope. (Score 1) 88

After several occasions where windows decided to update itself without giving me any other options, installing faulty drivers that required removing the driver and all settings for the device, wasting time and money, then proclaiming triumphantly that all my files are where I left them, as if not destroying all my files is some sort of fucking achievement and not the least you can fucking expect...
No Microsoft, I'm not installing your fucking updates, hopefully disabling the update service will take care of that problem.
And I'm definitely not using that piece of excrement OS for anything that actually matters.

Comment Solar City (Score 1) 157

I'd be more interested with what a company like Solar City can do on this front.
I'm wondering if you could have some sort of distributed mesh-network power utility where each node has battery storage and solar panels, and sets its own input and output prices, with more traditional means of generation filling in the gaps.

Comment Re:All I can say is look at the revenue growth (Score 1) 177

Well, they did announce they are working on all the vehicles you've mentioned.
Personally I'm more curious about Elon's Machine-that-builds-the-machine stuff, improvements in manufacturing density and efficiency.
And I was wondering, even before the Solar City merger plans, if in fifteen years we'll even think of Tesla a mainly a car manufacturer.

Comment Re:Missing the point.... (Score 2) 470

That may be the point from your personal perspective but when I read news reports about people destroying research crops in the middle of the night, and calling for the banning of 'GMOs', people I've met who claim that it's unnatural and therefore wrong, or that modifying the genes of a carrot will give you cancer, they lose all credibility to me.
From my experience that's the public face of the Anti-GMO movement.
'GMO' stands for Genetically Modified Organism, it doesn't stand for predatory patent practices or carcinogenic pesticides and if it's easier for some political movement to conflate all these things into one easy to name bogeyman at the expense of actual productive uses of the technology, they'll get no support from me.

Comment Re:paying dividends is dumb (Score 3, Insightful) 103

They serve text and and video, and in exchange they take 5% of the money pledged to projects.
I'm sure they have their servers and a team to maintain and keep their code and design current all covered.
So what exactly do they need capital for?
Do you expect them to branch into unrelated fields, build their own OS inside a browser, explore how 3D-printed IoT VR-goggles can be leveraged for crowdfunding just because they have some spare cash?

Comment Re:I don't code (Score 1) 515

It was mandatory at an elementary school I went to for a year, I didn't even get to pick the instrument because I moved there at the start of the year and everyone was already assigned.
I haven't played the instrument since and have very little memory of the whole thing, but I don't see any problem with the concept.

Comment Re:SpaceX's Next Big Challenge (Score 1) 150

Well, Tory Bruno is claiming the ACES upper stage will be a sort of space tug, it will stay and get refueled on orbit and then will be able to reposition payloads launched to it.

They can also just remain a second option for 'Assured Access to Space' and collect whatever subsidies are required to keep them afloat until someone else like Blue Origin or Orbital ATK make them redundant.

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