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Comment Gametrailers Anecdote (Score 1) 244

A few years ago I used to visit daily.
One day I started viewing a trailer and I got a message that I must disable my ad blocker to continue viewing.

I'm fucking actively seeking out ads on my own volition and you're trying to waste my time with other ads I'm not interested in?

I stopped visiting that site then.

A few weeks ago I decided to check out what it looks like now, and apparently it redirects to a Youtube channel, I guess they couldn't make enough money pushing all those extra ads to maintain a site.

Comment Re:Solar panels in Nevada? (Score 2) 115

As mentioned by others, Tesla produces and sells the panels themselves, they don't build heliostats.
In addition, they have a lot of rooftop real-estate at their factory and presumably it's a lot easier and cheaper to cover the roof with panels than construct a heliostat on a neighboring piece of land.

I'm sure that at a certain point one monolithic power plant has advantages in efficiency and other economies of scale, but I don't think Tesla+SolarCity is looking to become a traditional power utility company, and there are advantages to the approach of small nodes of power generation and storage that might be connected in a mesh-network to balance loads, cover local failures, and don't require running long distance power lines to isolated locations.

Comment The least of your problems. (Score 1) 1081

Speaking as someone who's neither a citizen or resident of the US, but would no doubt will still be affected to some extent by the results of your elections.
Whether the electoral college system has more or less merit than a simple popular majority seems to be the least of your problems.
The founding fathers came up with a pretty good system, no doubt, but it seems to me to have a fundamental flaw in that it reaches an equilibrium with only two viable parties.
Does it seem reasonable that the opinions of 325 million people are divided into two nearly equal halves (to within less than a percentage point), votes for the smaller parties are functionally equivalent to liking someone's post on Facebook, and the party in power just flips over to the other one once people get bored with the one that's in the spotlight, or because the other party managed to spend a few more million on advertising and managed to get marginally better brand recognition?
Does it seem reasonable to sum up all your values and make a binary choice based on which side of the threshold you land on?
Well, the answer to those questions doesn't really matter, because you're fucked regardless, your political system has a fundamental flaw, and through the processes that turn a novel upstart concept into a baroque series of rituals observed out of habit, anyone who has any hypothetical power to change it is formed by it and reliant on it to keep their place and win their little victories within its framework.

Comment Re:surprised (Score 4, Informative) 333

How about when it informs me that it scheduled an update in an hour and I'm not at the computer, so I don't get to see the popup and I lose my open documents?

How about when I want to reboot because my Wacom driver has stopped working and I don't have 40 minutes to sit through an update install I wasn't aware of because I'm in the middle of actually trying to do some work?

How about when I've delayed the update install a couple of times and now Windows decided I don't get a choice when to reboot and just shuts off?

So now I have the update service disabled and I'm not getting any updates installed instead of installing them at a convenient time like I do on 7.

Comment Re:Fueling is risky? (Score 1) 190

They are working on a different engine and different architecture for their Mars plans, and it's quite reasonable to assume they'll scale that down for commercial use as well.

As it stands, the Merlin engine is pretty damned good, they're just constrained by the size of rocket they can move by road and are therefore squeezing out some extra efficiency by resorting to methods that don't have as long a history of use and the edge cases have not been discovered.

They could probably go back to using warmer propellants at the cost of running production of multiple variants of the rocket and extra launch site infrastructure.
Or just continue with the current setup and hope that the technology proves itself safe enough on the unmanned launches.

Comment Re:Fueling is risky? (Score 1) 190

The current iteration of Falcon 9 is designed for very cold propellants.
If the rocket sits on the pad too long the propellants warm up from the environment and expand, which necessitates venting them out so the tanks are not overpressured.
The engines are also, presumably, tuned for a certain rate of flow at a certain density, so if the propellant is at a different density, it would reduce efficiency and might cause trouble.

Comment Re:Still using Russian equipment? (Score 1) 68

Any particular reason you neglected to mention that the ban on the RD-180s relates to national security launches, while the RD-181 purchased by Orbital ATK are used for civilian and commercials launches?
What's that? Because it helps your personal political narrative? Yeah, thought so.

Comment Re:BAAH!!! (Score 2) 136

I don't think his character survived the first one, something to do with the main plot.

Seriously though, he's great and all, and I'm sure they could have come up with some excuse that they had a bunch of copies of the Roy Batty model and they actually had a life extension procedure for him or they aged him for some purpose, but I'd rather they didn't do a rehash of all the same characters just for the sake of nostalgia.

Hey I have an idea, maybe Gosling is Deckard's son in this one, and he kills and drops him into some deep chasm because he has daddy issues.

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