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Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 194

Socialized medicine doesn't somehow equate to free and unlimited health care. We could spend 100% of GDP on health care and people would still eventually get to a point where there's nothing that can be done.

But that's not the way it works. Socialized medicine costs less that insurance based systems. Partly because it involves less bureaucracy.

I'm going to ignore your sociopathic rant about "unhealthy lifestyles".

Comment Re:I'm very confused now... (Score 1) 252

Like I said. Where's the science?

Saying "space travel" when I ask about science makes about as much sense as saying "bus travel". Neither of them happens without science, but stories about bus travel aren't stories about science.

P.S. Heinlein wrote stories about "what if Christian fundamentalists started a civil war."

Comment Re:Navy (Score 1) 108

But that's exactly the opposite of what the article reported says -- they claim civilian nuclear power is a trojan horse for the military, now you're claiming the military is subsidising civil nuclear power. Please get back to us when you've got your story straight.

By tbe way, the UK is not the US and the 2010's are not the 1960's.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 2) 108

One proposed alternative to Hinckley Point was for Rolls Royce to build a fleet of "small modular reactors", i.e. nuclear sub reactors -- maybe thar was what the "obscure" document was talking about, because the whole point of Hinckley point is that there is no UK civil nuclear industry -- Hinckley is a French/German design, built by France and financed by France and China.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 108

No, because it makes no sense -- there is basically no commonality at all between a huge PWR like the EPR and the tiny little things in subs. Amusingly, one of the proposed alternatives to Hinckley Point was to buld lots of "small modular reactors" which basically proposed bulding lot's of nuclear sub reactors and installing them in every industrial estate -- if that plan had been followed maybe he'd have had a point...

Comment Re:why just why (Score 1) 127

Wrong. IO-bound tasks are slow in VM because IO requires a kernel call. So does task switching, memory mapping (mmap(), brk()), getting the time, getting process information, changing memory protections, advising on memory use (madvise()), sleeping, interprocess communication (pipes), creating shared memory, and several other things.

So, like I said, a mostly cpu bound task like ffmpeg isn't going to see much difference.

Comment Re:I want Mint without systemd (Score 1) 127

Makes me wonder why all the hubris over forking Debian then if you can just install some other init... I guess because some packages are starting to depend on it?

As far as I know no packages in Debian that are not part of systemd depend on systemd being the init system. Some packages do depend on systemd being installed for various complicated reasons.

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