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Comment Some people use the proper tool for the job (Score 2) 139

No. I use RSS feeds into live bookmarks straight to my browser's bookmark toolbar. I have done this for years, it's a wonderful technology you can use with virtually all news sites, and you can then easily pick and choose the articles you want from updated drop down folders on your toolbar.

For Mozilla or (better yet) PaleMoon browsers you just click on the link above, then on the resultant page click Subscribe Now into Live Bookmarks. I suspect Chrome is similar. This will buy you automatically updated headlines from multiple respected news outlets with different viewpoints in dropdown menus. Why anyone would use Facebook for news is beyond me. If you ask me, anyone who does go to Facebook for news deserves what they get. Facebook is a sewer of trolls initiating social malware for the kick it gives them to see their garbage repeated. Go to news sources for news. Go to facebook to try and make yourself feel better about how well liked you are.

Comment Straight from God (Score 1) 163

It's decisions like this that make me believe in God with an absolutely pure, inviolable faith. Divine intervention is the only explanation for this decision - it had to come straight from God, since no one on earth could have thought of it.

Actually, I haven't been able to fathom the decisions coming out of Mozilla for some time now. The current version number almost says it all. How can you get excited about a new Firefox release with any feature, when it's just another rapid release. It could have true hard AI and no one would notice any more. It would get lost in the staggeringly mediocre array of non-features nobody wants, forced UI changes, broken addons, ripped out plugins, and developers that decide they know more about what people want than the users do.

Firefox adopted Google's rapid release cycle on a project that it was neither technically nor culturally suited for. One has to actually admire their dogged persistence to holding this course in the face of what is an almost a completely unified chorus of "WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE?!?!?".

I recommend Palemoon. A fork of an earlier Firefox LTR, it has refused to add features unless they make sense, it is compatible with most addons, and has a growing body of its own native addon developers that are quite loyal to the project for the simple reason that the project remains loyal to them. That's not to say that it's a static browser. Just one that took the best of what Firefox was and decided to continue in the direction of sensible goals and not alienating its user base.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1560

I don't think the OP thought that everyone who disagrees with him is a nazi. I suspect he simply realizes you just handed your presidency over to the biggest internet troll in history.

Trump is the president that 48% of Americans deserve. Unfortunately, 100% of Americans will (already are) feeling the effects. Racial and gender prejudices inflamed, fear mongering, and a total disregard for consequences.

Dear Mexico;

        Let's not wait for Trump. Let's you and I build the walls ourselves. I'm pretty sure once we get started the rest of the world will chip in and help too. Maybe, just maybe, if we can build it in time we can contain this lunacy before it gets out.



Comment With very few exceptions... (Score 2) 169

...a 6502 is not a brain.

The issue is, the 6502 is several orders of magnitude less complex than a brain. It could be likened to a massively parallel computer that is running thousands of programs all at once. So it is completely reasonable, on the scale of the brain, to suggest that damage to an area in a dozen people that affects their hearing to draw the conclusion that that part of the brain is responsible for hearing. Damaging a couple transistors in a 6502, a single processor, is akin to damaging a few neurons in each of a million different areas of the brain at once. The researchers correctly determined that a particular damage which caused Donkey Kong not to boot did not mean the part of the CPU which is responsible for Donkey Kong was damaged. That does not, however, say anything about the methods used to study the brain. It is, unfortunately, yet another reason why researchers need to stop making silly comparisons between computers and brains, and also need to stop "playing for the crowd", which really was what this seems to have been.

Comment More than just low storage (Score 4, Interesting) 128

Encoding voice more efficiently has implications far exceeding the amount of storage space required to save it. There's a reason why the article is comparing the new codec to single sideband. When transmitting digital data over radio, it pretty much invariably (nowadays) means some sort of spread spectrum transmission. The fewer bits required per second means the less spectrum you are having to spread your signal over, this the more concentrated your signal is. A radio transmitter has a fixed power output, so if you are smearing that power over less band, then you have a stronger signal.

It is a testament to the amateur radio pioneers of the past that an analog radio transmission mode invented over a hundred years ago is, just now, being possibly rivaled in its efficiency.

Comment Re:wow now everyone is... (Score 2) 205

Apple isn't courageous. Apple is stupid. Problem is, Apple customers (hipsters) are just slightly stupider, and Apple knows this. They know their customer base will continue to buy what Apple feeds them long after it has become manure. HTC will soon learn there are actual choices among Android devices and leaving vital bits off their phone is not a way to endear itself to the masses.

Comment Re:Won't produce revenue for Google's customers (Score 2) 62

More likely than that is that it's now a defense/NSA (depending on whether the surveillance is foreign or domestic) project for surveillance drones with unlimited on-station time. Really, that's what they were anyway. The announcement of them as internet-for-the-poor was just a public advertising campaign to get the word out to those in procurement.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 254

I see you've been modded to oblivion, but it's actually useful to reply, so I will.

They don't control every aspect. That's hyperbolic bullshit trolling.

They have the ability to push mandatory updates and can change any aspect of the OS they choose with no recourse. There is nothing they could not cause to run on a computer with Windows 10. If this is not controlling every aspect, what is?

Even if they were, they can! It's their software.

I take it from this that you actually meant to say "Even if they could control every aspect that's ok because it's their software". Does this mean that it's ok for every software provider to have unlimited and arbitrary control of your computer because, as you say, it's their software?

*crude allegory*

Thank-you no.

...or get down and dirty with the FOSS hobos

Ahh, but FOSS is still software, and "their"" software to boot. I mean, it belongs to someone. Someone wrote it, and holds the copyright. So, shouldn't it be ok, by your logic, for them to insert code to control every aspect of our computer too?

Tired of assholes like you crying about it.

I write and protest as I can to try and get a change in attitude back to the time when Microsoft wouldn't have just been criticized for something like this, but crucified. Five years ago even there was no way they could have done this. But people are becoming more resigned to this, and that is what we need to change.

I also use a combination of methods to take control back, where I can. Windows Update Mini Tool gives me control back of my updates. An encrypted virtual OS gives me a place to put sensitive files that is a (slightly) harder target for outside interference, and yes, doing anything of actual import on FOSS operating systems that I trust, where I can.

It's assholes crying about things like British taxation without representation that gave you the country you live in. If you think there is any less of a conflict going on now than there was then for the freedoms most of us hold dear, then you are hopelessly naive.

Comment Translation (Score 5, Insightful) 254

We know we want people to be running Windows 10 from a security perspective

Translation: We want everyone to be running Windows 10 from a we-now-control-every-aspect-of-your-(our)-computer perspective. We can't actually force updates on other versions, but we'll do our level best to force the version on you that we can do that with. We regret the negative publicity that the lengths we went to to make this happen caused.

Comment Re:Australian "conservatives" don't understand (Score 2) 160

I support strong consumer protection laws. These are simply a group of people getting together and saying, collectively, if you want to do business with us, then these are the overall guiding terms by which you need to do that business. This is, essentially, just an umbrella contract. Steam didn't look at the umbrella contract for the group of customers it was dealing with, and now has to pay the penalty specified in that contract. How is this anti free market? Every market has rules. Look at the insider trading laws, or anti competition laws in your own country - they are almost incomprehensibly complex. They exist because left to itself, business (which exists solely to line the pockets of its shareholders) left to its own devices is an amoral entity that will literally do anything to make money.

The fact is, it was Valve's choice to do business with Australian customers. They could have chosen not to. Doing business in Australia is not Valve's right.

Comment Re: not quite correct (Score 1) 257

I own a midsized game shop worth 8 or 9 million

I don't think game means what you think it means. .net isn't cross platform yet, at least not enough to do anything grown-up with. There is nothing you can do with it today you can't do faster with native code. So either your game shop's valuation is based on a series of bubblegum free-to-play games that are splashed around annoying advertising popups everywhere, or your developers are handicapped. Or both.

And claims like "my software company is worth millions" have exactly zero weight without a name behind it - otherwise it wasn't worth the time you spent to type it.

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