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Comment Re:must be the other guy. (Score 1) 128

That's the idea. 2% of users fund 70% of IAP gross, or whatever it is. 80% spend absolutely zero. Asspull numbers, but the idea is in line. That's not the important part anyway.

What's important is you fly a technically-factual headline to inflate the idea that "$40/yr is normal" and encourage it to catch on.

Comment Re:Management doesn't know what it wants (Score 1) 158

We love making retarded assumptions. Most metrics are. We don't have time to actually deduce the value of a system or person or purchase, just give us a number thanks, preferably one that software can automatically rank and color code for me.

Imagine if "time spent in seat" was the single performance indicator used, everything else purely ignored. Imagine how hilariously gamed it would become. Imagine how much actual efficiency/productivity/results/w.e would be lost, not gained.

Now stop imagining because reality is only a few inches over.

Comment Re: the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 1) 309

> FACT: Most people don't give a shit if their phone is 1mm thicker or thinner, and many would happily trade a millimeter or two of thickness for a larger battery. But somehow the Powers That Be have decided that what people want isn't as important as saving a dollar in production costs.
I figure they don't care what people want, it's the buzz headlines that matter.

- You pitch your prototype at CES or whatever
- All the tech websites line up for their 30-90 seconds to play with it
- They piece together full phone judgement out of those seconds
- Build an entire article out of it by 19:00 deadline

They ramble about the glossy whatever or how the buttons feel when you press them, about the texture of the phone's back. Then there's a line about the 2250mA/h battery or the RAM being slightly better/worse than the last model iteration or competition. Say something about budget phones or flagships, stamp your name on it, publish.

The inevitable phone case doesn't matter on the show floor. The edge-to-edge no bevel? Journalist orgasm. Consumer shrug. Thickness? The new "megapixels".

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 119

>but doesn't follow through
There's a marginal blame for lax follow through on the follow through that rolls uphill (or at least is supposed to) into middle management or higher.

Mind, this level of blame may be little more than mild reprimand for doing a meh job. Your point stands, IT's at fault if they were ordered to do X and didn't.

Comment Re:Basic ettiquette pays I guess (Score 2) 113

>people these days, rarely seem to respond to a "Thank you" with a "Your Welcome" you're*
Lots of them are the diluted variety that doesn't actually mean "Thank you", much like how there's a certain version of "How are you" that you're never supposed to genuinely answer, only acknowledge with the word Fine, making for an absolute waste of three seconds with absolutely meaningless babble - it's meant to be ritualistic, a gesture. And there's no hard way to distinguish it from a sincere query besides the mess of context, body language, intonation, etc that we lean on.

Similarly, there's a hollow "thank you" in contemporary conduct that, functionally, is pretty identical to a "Good day." closing. Only even more meaningless.

This shit is pretty verbose when we write it out, and you're just supposed to "get it" to participate in society. It's rough on people who can't. I've sometimes thought that there should be like, community classes or something for people who've been isolated or deployed overseas or homeschooled or whatever for decades, and need a crash course on all the little retarded carousels we're stuck inflicting on ourselves.


Comment Re:Doomed (Score 1) 340

You're right, it's hurting our brand. So now you're assigned to fix it. Have an action plan on my desk in a month or you're fired.

Fortunately it doesn't matter if you actually follow through on any of the crap in it, or if you do, that any of it is actually efficacious. I just need something to tell the board/shareholders. Ideally the users swallow it too.

This is much more important damage control that the effects of people seeing our quarterly earnings.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 91

Knowledge that has been "in the wild" can never be quarantined, no more than a ritual gesture can revert virginity. Doesn't matter how ethical you feeeeel about it. Pee's in the pool. Cat's outta the bag. One way valve, barring time travel.

This makes for some weird laws, which think they can control a concept, a mental abstract, everywhere in the universe. Simultaneously. Forever.

Data is a contagion. It's only yours to control if quarantined.

Comment Re:What? Is it just me (Score 1) 105

>Kodi lowers the bar
This is exactly what causes the burn flag. There's possibly some insightful remark to make about hipsters and the fear of things mainstream and popular. I'm not quite sure what, so whatever. But the cartels don't care about your obscure IRC XDCC distros, they especially don't give a flying fuck about all the holes our kind pokes in their "securities" in our armchair posts, about our proof of concepts and how we could theoretically do this or that - they don't care, as long as Joe Everyman is thwarted and keeps paying up.

This causes weird misleading effects, like the impression we're above the law - because the law is, in fact, being selectively enforced. Like they indirectly give us their blessing. It's not a moral pursuit, it's not for public safety, it's driven by profit and it shows.

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