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Comment Re:Not enough people care (Score 1) 139

Laws are for commoners. The only "flex" proles see is the law flexing wider to scoop deeper, flexing wide enough to trigger from any six lines, should Our Betters so decide.

The flex for the wealthy, of course, is like when Google generously flexes away their takedown rules every time Time Warner accidentally demands their own websites shitlisted.

Comment commentsubject: (Score 1) 97

>the company has removed a video after deeming the images were "the o-word"

I was sad when I saw the meaning of "literally" drowning in a flood of tard, but watching it happen to "offensive" is like watching someone fall down an escalator forever.

Soon the dictionary will just list Offensive: We have no idea.

Comment commentsubject (Score 1) 99

Depends on task weight. If you're on a dedicated process then you're best off hammering it and keeping your momentum. This is where people want to put on the headphones and drone away. The longer you have the process in forefocus, the better chance to adopt optimizations, which just won't emerge without sustained sessions.

That said, there's also tasks that involve a lot of "click and wait" (incl literal clicking and waiting), that don't engage you much, that are usually unimportant anyway. Depending on the details and arrangement, you might see gains from multijuggling. If what you're doing is indulging (facetweet reddiblrgram socnets) on the side, probably not, but you probably don't care about any inflicted losses anyway.

Comment Re: Facebook and Google welcome... (Score 1) 77

That's thought-provoking; maybe it's because for all the noise we make, we can't do shit anyway. Over there, it's a threat, over here, "lawl we dgaf dwi commoners send a letter to your congressman oh wait it's me"

Sure, let them complain about the state. Who cares, we own them.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 326

>fate-blessed idleness is financially superior to hard work

Might be a swapout in the luck reference, in favor of "who you know" or "superficial illusions" arguments, but even if GP meant those the fact remains that sheer chance decides your place in the world, primarily the ovarian lottery.

Comment Re:Honest Thought: Free Speech + No Platform = ? (Score 1) 369

At first glance it might seem like they're private industries all the way to the bottom, within their rights to refuse providing support, but as you get closer to infrastructure (this is true for many resources, services, etc) the federal government starts doling out tax money, grants, subsidies, breaks, their own support.

I wouldn't necessarily compare it to "You're welcome to do with your water/electricity as you wish." but there's a resemblance. Which is gray vocabulary, of course. "As you get closer to infrastructure -> Increasing gov funds" is gray, with no particular breakpoint where they're outright obligated to not discriminate.

At the very least I hope your hatespeech support for the gays (or antigays, or antiantigays, or antiantianti...) is entitled to nondiscriminatory sales of a billboard, megaphone, and crate of detergent.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 2) 38

Setting aside how funny this is or well it works, it seems a reasonable place to throw a few bucks. While it won't be enough to tip my decisions, I've seen the Cortana easter eggs; despite not being a functionality, flavor can definitely increase a feature's appeal and, perhaps more importantly, branding. The industry is desperate to crack the code that causes nonsense like Over9000 to go pandemic, but this can have a similar effect (at a far tinier, subtler level).

Sure, it can backfire if you half-ass it, but apparently they're serious enough to spend a little money. Whether the hires are well-chosen is left as an exercise for the flamewars.

Comment Re:I'm fine with it.. (Score 1) 369

"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it."

God, I hope you were just using some clever reverse psychology to get a crowd of people saying "Damned right." because that'd be manipulative but perhaps a good way to get the story straight.

I want neo-nazis to be able to say what they want and do what they want, within legal lines. I have my own rights to reject from private platforms I control, and to not be obligated to inhabit theirs.

Comment Re:Some people just have nothing better to do... (Score 1) 100

>labels someone as sexually promiscuous
>violence against women and girls

Uh, isn't spreading slut rumors a pretty common girl-on-girl "violence"? They've been doing it without the intertubes for a few years now. Decades. Centuries.

Whatever, have fun chasing down every bugger that spawns goaste bots.

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