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Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 345

Do you also object to the headline, as robots aren't "taking" jobs, they're just being given jobs that used to belong to humans?

Fair enough. I'm probably overreacting based on the current nationalist attitude in the US. Maybe once angry displaced workers start attacking and killing robots I'll have the same reaction.

When the came for the Middle Easterners, I said nothing.
When the came for the Latinos, I said nothing.
When the came for the Robots, I said "Their hiding behind that big dumpster over there!"*.
*Hey! How did I know they were here to give them plasma weapons and all terrain treads?

Comment Re: All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 132

Of course you can drive stoned

Unless you're "one toke over the line" and suffer a panic attack. Well, even then a salty stoner can still get up and down the highway, but it is by no means pleasant.

Dude! You just need to drive 5 miles an hour so you don't attract attention...

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 225

I am so very glad they're getting rid of every single thing that made Firefox popular in the first place

What's left after XUL is gone? Remove access to about:config?

Mozilla is so out of touch with their tech-minded userbase it's unreal. They probably think if they become like Chrome, Chrome users will jump to Firefox. Laughable. Once Firefox becomes Chrome, nobody's going to stick around - there will be no reason to anymore, at that point you either accept Chrome/ium or use a Firefox fork.

So, stick a Firefox fork in them, they're done...

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