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Comment This is one type; others have less decline (Score 5, Informative) 130

Just to note, this is not all bumblebees, it's the Rusty Patched bumblebee that's been put on the endangered list. Other bumble bees are still around, though most other types have also been declining. The range for this particular type is a rough triangle from the Dakotas down to northern Georgia and up to central Maine.

If you want information including things that you might be able to do take a look at Bumble Bee Watch (http://www.bumblebeewatch.org/) or the Xerces Society page on bumblebees (http://www.xerces.org/bumblebees/). The University of Maine in Farmington has also been tracking the decline of several of the species native to Maine (http://mainebumblebeeatlas.umf.maine.edu/), and other state universities may have similar programs going on.

Comment Re:FBI Jurisdiction (Score 5, Interesting) 104

The FBI can't arrest, but they can work with enforcement agencies that do have jurisdiction (local, (Indian) state, (Indian) national) and provide resources and information.

The story itself talks about one of the senior local officials who won't talk much about the investigation, but "he will describe the raid, in loving, cinematic detail: How at 10 p.m., after the last of the call center staff had arrived for the night shift, 200 police officers streamed up the main staircase, blocking every exit and detaining all 700 people who worked inside." That's not 200 FBI agents, that's 200 local officers.

I haven't read the entire story yet, but part of the reason that the whistleblowers contacted the FTC (and through them the FBI) may be corruption - if they went through local channels and picked the wrong person, that person might have simply gone back to the leaders of this with their hand out and the information on the whistleblowers. The FBI may not have jurisdiction, but they also don't have a reputation for accepting bribes.

Comment Wallet? I want it to fit in my TV (Score 1) 80

I'm not so concerned about it fitting in my wallet, but I'd really love to see a cross-manufacturer standard replaceable unit for "smart" TVs, because screens last a lot longer than the (secure, updated) usable life of the "smart" components. In not too many years there are going to be a lot of TVs around running the TV equivalent of Froyo or Gingerbread, on hardware that's just as aged as the OS will be.

Comment Re:I was talking about this with my brother (Score 1) 85

It's not that they couldn't make them cool to teenagers, they couldn't make them cool to developers. I have one, and I don't feel like I got ripped off because it came with a year of Office 365 for less than the price I'd otherwise have paid. When they killed off their project for attempting to get Android apps working it pretty much marked the beginning of the end.

Seriously, browser support was a joke particularly in the early days of Edge. There are a few other browsers on there, but there's nothing that strikes me as being even as good as the native Android browser back in the 2.2/2.3 days. Decent text editor? No such beast. Decent ebook reader? No, not really.

I never did figure out what the hell they were thinking with file system security - I'm all for it, but it seemed like what they ended up with was something like what Palm used to have where every application had its own data storage and only its own data storage. They also locked a bunch of other stuff down so far and hard that it was literally not possible to have things that you might want. Don't like the messaging app? Tough, get a different phone, apps do not and will not have access to SMS. Want Gmail? Well, you can buy a third-party app, or you can try using IMAP, or you can hope that Edge doesn't crash on the site.

I actually did and do kind of like elements of their tile-based interface, which is a cross between resizable icons and Android widgets, but it just wasn't worth the rest of the limitations. I got the phone as a trial replacement for a Samsung that developed reception problems after a swim, but I found myself using the Windows phone as a hotspot that I could tether the Samsung to (WiFi worked fine) just to have access to usable apps that I'd come to depend on.

Comment Pity the poor Windows Server 2008 users (Score 1) 73

2008R2 is the equivalent of Windows 7 and has support for the more modern browsers, but Server 2008 is still supported until 2020 - but it's the server equivalent of Vista, so it runs IE9 and Chrome no longer gets updates, so Firefox is the only major browser still updated on it.

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 191

I probably ran into this at a client site on Friday, but I blamed it on the ancient WiFi router that they'd reconfigured to use as a switch. Ancient as in "hardware predates WPA2 and the plastic has faded to grey," wasn't handing out DHCP, and had nothing connected on the WAN side.

One cheap 5-port switch and a reboot after removing a couple of unrelated pieces of junkware that I noticed and the PC and printer were back up.

Comment Wow, it's more than doubled... (Score 1) 203

Since I bought 0.1 Bitcoin (long since used) just to be sure I had an easy way to buy Bitcoin in case I needed to do so for someone hit by ransomware but with no backups.

I hope the IRS doesn't come after me for taxes on my approximate increase from $31 to ~$41 that I used on domain renewals. Oh, and the $1.11 worth still in my account.

Comment It's mostly "Wins!" by a hair (Score 4, Insightful) 137

Most of the results (despite how the graphs are distorted) are actually really close.

Sunspider differences were actually big with Edge 108ms, Chrome 190ms, Firefox 254ms

Octane had Edge winning with 33489, Chrome second with 31839, Firefox last with 30307. That means Edge was about 10% faster than Firefox, with Chrome splitting the difference. Not huge.

Kraken had Chrome at 938ms, Edge 1160ms, Firefox 1224ms, so around 25% slower for Firefox - enough to be noticeable, depending on what you're doing.

Jetstream had Edge winning with 219, Chrome with 184, Firefox trailing badly at 154, so again a fairly substantial gap. Looking a little at the details, all had around the same throughput and whatever's being measured on latency was the driver for the differences.

For the Oort WebGL graphics, Firefox was best with 10000, Chrome second at 9940, Edge third at 9920. Those are not differences that excite me.

Peacekeeper (no longer maintained) had Firefox first at 4655, Chrome second at 4325 and Edge trailing badly at 3091 - not quite as lopsided as the Sunspider results, but quite the reversal.

For WebXPRT (HTML5+JS), Edge won with 448, Firefox at 402, Chrome at 396. That's 10% faster for Edge, but margin of error for Chrome and Firefox.

And finally for the HTML5 test Chrome had 499, Firefox 462, Edge 460 - again around a 10% difference between slowest and fastest.

Comment I assume they just mean the TV portion.... (Score 1) 250

The Fine Article asks "Where are they going?" and talks about some other services (SlingTV, Hulu, etc.) but that fails to answer the more important question of "How are they getting there?"

Quite frankly in a huge part of the country your connectivity choices are cable modem (fast), DSL or related (kinda fast sometimes depending on where you are), sometimes a WISP (probably slow and expensive), or 4G tethering (you thought cable was expensive?). Fiber is not an option for most of the country and is AFAIK the only thing that can compete with cable for speed.

So, is this all just talking about eliminating the TV portion of your monthly bill from the cable company?

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

OK, I'm going to assume you're talking about the drum unit, DR-420 on those. This is actually what transfers the toner to the paper, the fuser is a separate unit that's likely got a programmed "hey, replace this" at 100,000 pages. On a lot of printers with more expensive toner this transfer roller is actually built into the toner cartridge, which is why those toners are more expensive.

The printer may complain when the drum hits its page count, but it should keep printing with no real issues - you can keep using that drum until/unless you start to see a decline in print quality.

List on the DR420 is a little over $100, so yeah, more than a HL-2240 typically costs but even at the high price I see of $110 that means you got a hell of a deal on the printer at ~$40ish. I'll also note that third-party drum units run $18-25.

In any case, most people who get that model printer are never going to come close to cranking 12,000 pages through a $40 laser printer. In fact, if you've run that many pages through I kind of hope you're using cheaper aftermarket toner, because if not then you should've bought a heavier-duty printer with a lower cost per page for toner. When you're looking for a replacement, check how much the toner cartridges cost per page (price/pagecount), plus any drum replacements and whether it ships with a starter cartridge or a full toner cartridge. Still, at 1.8 cents per page for toner I'm pretty sure that Brother's at the low end of the small printer toner cost scale.

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

Which model? In my experience the larger ones start asking for replacement of a couple of (effectively) non-replaceable components at 100,000 pages, but even then the printer keeps running with no problems except a display message.

For most of their printers Brother has separate toner and drum units, with the drum units generally lasting 3-5 toner cartridges. The drums aren't cheap, but they're still cheaper than replacing the printer unless you're talking about their cheapest sub-$100 street price machines. Even then using the DR-630 as an example it's $70 on Amazon, fits printers that are regularly on sale for less than $100, and oh, there are third-party versions of it for $20.

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