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Comment Re: The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Score 3, Informative) 212

I'd say people doing their own upgrades didn't care about 'apple approved' parts. I bought dozens of macbooks for my employer with base specs and immediately popped a SSD and 3rd party ram in them upon receipt. It was way cheaper and if anything went wrong, I'd put the original parts back and send it in for repair.

Comment Re:Don't forget... (Score 1) 280

No, they are saying "We created this great new scripting language, but you really shouldn't run unsigned untrusted scripts without acknowledging you are taking a risk"

You can do anything you want at the prompt, only scripts require you to change these settings. If you turn on developer mode then all local scripts can be trusted by default as well. You could also sign your scripts to ensure this is not a problem.

Comment Re:They mention south bend, IN but that's BS (Score 1) 79

It's a combo of many things.

4K video streaming (26mbps per stream recommended)
Multiple users (each wifi device can get 150-300mbps)
Upload speed (everything lives in the cloud now)
Improved support from comcast (they actively monitor my connection and have proactively fixed issues)
More overhead to handle congestion (when I had 150mbps I'd sometimes slow down to 50-75mbps, now I slow down to 500-600mbps)
I get a stipend from work (so it's about as expensive as the 50mbps plan)
Big numbers on speed tests (So I feel like a big man)

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