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Comment Re:Fold a shirt in 10 minutes? (Score 1) 139

Forty-eight shirts could be folded in an eight hour overnight. Why spend money so that it can be done in an hour instead, especially if that means possible damage to the clothing? It is no additional drudgery to put those forty-eight pairs away whether done in an hour or eight, it's just decoupled from the time they were washed. Mostly, washed clothes are not put into service immediately.


Wikiverse Turns Wikipedia Into a Marvelous Galaxy of Knowledge ( 34

An anonymous reader shares a The Next Web report: If recklessly clicking through hundreds of Wikipedia entries at a time no longer does it for you, Wikiverse is about to become your new favorite way of browsing the internet's richest encyclopedia. Built by Owen Cornec, it's a Web-based interactive 3D map of Wikipedia that visualizes the website as a cosmic web of information, literally turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can conveniently explore with your mouse. To accomplish this, Wikiverse sources thousands of articles from Wikipedia and then generates a map where it showcases the countless connections and overlaps of information between each entry. In Wikiverse, each article appears as a star within larger domains and clusters of knowledge. To access any entry on Wikipedia, simply click on a star and Wikiverse will pull up the information for you.

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