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Comment Home internet (Score 3, Interesting) 135

Yes, nice to have 10Gbps connectivity to your home, wouldn't we all like that, think of the amount of pr0n? I work for an ISP, across our core we have 100Gbps x connects, OK there are multiple links, but we're close to max'ing those now.

WTF will it be looking like with consumers torrenting @ 10Gbps?

Meh. Not really thought through this article...

Comment Re:I've met a lot of (Score 1) 104

And it's crap, all of my immediate neighbours (yes UK sp.) constantly ask me (I'm networks BTW) to fix their computers.

Common complaints following the "Upgrade" : Stuff doesn't work, computer so slow it's unusable, how do I delete/uninstall all this crap that I don't want or use?

A: You can't.

What a crock!

I lost interest after XP.

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