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Comment So freaking what? (Score 1) 271

Streaming Services are by definition a Service. Other Services in the state are taxed at 6%. Streaming services can be considered a Luxury item, nobody needs netflix to live. You won't die without it.

the Vaping taxes are essentially the same thing. You don't need to vape. It has health issues just like regular smoking. Kids pick it up as being "cool". Tax it like cigarettes..boom done. I can think of about 5 Vape stores in my town, why on God's green earth do we need 5 in small town? Survival of the fittest, some will close.. I'm sorry. oh well.

Do I like But Wolf also got passed a decent Education budget, finally after years of crap from Rendell and Corbett. So if you are going to tax me 6% for netflix and Amazon Prime, oh well. Maybe my kids will get a better computer system in their school. Or maybe their teachers will get a better contract and be more engaged in the class room .

State taxes don't necessarily suck 100% of the time. there are real benefits that can happen. People need to get their heads out of their asses and realize we all need to work together as a community to keep things from going to total shit. Taxes are one of the ways we are able to do this. /end rant.

Comment Re:it really is becoming ridiculous. (Score 1) 292

Do I feel lucky? The smart ass in me, or maybe it's just age... would want to retort, with "Well do you?" I'd feel as if it was fortuitous that we both met in this situation. Out of the whole world, what are the odds.

Smart ass interview questions used to just confuse me, now they irritate me. Next time I get one I may just be honest about it.


Comment Re:Too Little Too Late (Score 1) 166

Actually with the 2.0 patch that came out a few weeks back the overall DII feel has become much better. Drops are more reasonable, not being dependent on having 3 Billion gold to buy items off the AH is a plus.

I won't say it made it a whole new game, but it freshened it up enough for me to want to play through again with a new toon.

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