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Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 326

I came here to post this as an idea. If they are burdened with having to do data entry, hire someone to do it for them. It's easier to talk than to type for most people, especially when it takes mouse movements to go each of the correct textareas I'm sure they have. Or as another poster pointed out in his office visit, record the conversations and send them off to get transcribed.

Comment Re: oversupply of labor (Score 2) 214

One role of government is to provide its citizens with quality of life.

Well, maybe your ideal government does this. Mine protects me, but mostly stays out of my way. The US government was never set up to function like how you want it. It would need an overhaul, and really, it needs one anyway.

Submission + - Justin.tv Shuts Down Amid Reports Google Is Acquiring Twitch

An anonymous reader writes: Twitch today announced that the Justin.tv website, mobile apps, and APIs are no longer in service. A very simple explanation is given for the shutdown: since rebranding the company to Twitch Interactive in February 2014, all resources are now focused on Twitch.tv. The news today will almost certainly further fuel the rumors that Google is acquiring, or has already acquired, Twitch. Purchases are often followed by consolidation, as well as cutting off any excess limbs.

Comment Re:Fatsos (Score 2, Insightful) 88

The great rallying cry. Not everyone cares if they are fat pieces of shit. Talking about the USA now..When everyone is now forced to be on health care, which means its not longer private, its public. We have a right to tell other people that they are living unhealthy lives. Because I now pay for it.

Also you act like fat people just keep to themselves. They don't. They aren't. They take up 2 seats + seats on airplanes for instance. They also have a fat acceptance movement going on.

if.they have a few pounds on

I'm not talking about a few lbs overweight. But unfortunately, when you say a few lbs, in todays terms, you now mean obese people. Not people that literally have 2-5 lbs to lose.

Comment Re:Fatsos (Score 2, Insightful) 88

Double post. Be fat. Lose fucking weight. And listen to all your fat friends bemoan that you are on a diet and that you aren't 'fat' because you now aren't as big of lard ass as they are. "If anyone should be losing weight it should be me." Is what they say to you as you sit there, still grossly overweight but have lost a few lbs.

The fat community does nothing but road block people trying to lose weight. So fuck them. They sit there with a poor me complex and rail against anyone actively doing something about their weight. It shows to them that they too can lose weight and they want nothing to do with it. So no. I took shit for being fat. Then I took shit for losing weight.

Anyone that has actually done this can certainly understand why I hate fat asses.

Comment Re:Fatsos (Score -1, Troll) 88

Then you might want to show some fucking empathy. No one is going to think you used such harsh language because you used to feel that way about yourself, they're going to think you're just a dumb, judgmental prick.

Empathy for the class of people that are fat, know it and make excuses. No fuck that and fuck them. There are so many reasons not to be fat and the majority of them aren't the fact that they are fucking eye sores.

Comment Re:George Carlin called it (Score 3, Insightful) 123

Get out of here. We are nature too. Just because we are self aware does not make us different. We evolved just like every other species. Beavers change their habitat too. Just we do it so much better. Self hating humans are the worst type. If you truly believe this then hopefully you made the choice to NOT have children.(as opposed to the forever alone basement dwellers where everyone else has made that choice for them)

Comment I don't think they are rocks (Score 3, Insightful) 123

How are these things rocks? We made them, then they melted. The grabbed onto rocks sure. But once you stick to a rock you become a rock? Rock's are minerals. I wasn't aware plastic is now considered a mineral? If I melt glass around a rock, can I call that a new type of rock? Or can I take super glue and glue some pebbles together and call that a new type of rock?

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